First Day of the New Unit Studies

Whew!  I'm already exhausted.

But it is a happy sort of exhausted.

Our homeschool association sponsors "International Day" each November.  The kids sign up to do displays of an international flavor.  In past we did a display about Cinderella stories from around the world, studied Mongolia, and had an aborted attempt to study India.  This year we're taking a break from our regularly scheduled school for 3 week unit studies.

For the little girls we are exploring How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

For the big girls we are studying Antarctica.

In 5 minutes I have to head upstairs to start the big girls.  I just spent the past couple of hours working with the little girls.  We made mini apple pies, read the book, and talked about passports.  I made really cute little passports for each girl by copying this idea and then using google images for the term "passport."  I printed out a homemade cover, pasted in the passport form, pasted in a picture of each girl, and then pasted in pictures of real {empty} passport pages.  I'm going to search for images of visa stamps as we "visit" each country in the book.

My time is up.  Off to Antarctica I go! 

Post edit:  I had the little girls show Daddy their passports.  H3 danced with delight as she said, "Daddy, I have a passport.  A passport is for going to other countries!"  Daddy gave her a high five, "You're right!"  Then we had a bonus educational moment as Daddy retrieved his real passport full of stamps and interesting notes and told the girls stories of his mission and travels when he was younger.


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