The Plan--2014/15--S12

Devotional/Character Training

Continue to read and journal The Book of Mormon

Continue to work on Personal Progress
Participate in Family Devotionals (including memorizing Romans 12)--we've settled on following Armor Your Children along with singing a primary song to go with each topic and reviewing 1 Article of Faith song each day (just so we don't forget).

World--Read 1 “You Wouldn’t Want To . . .” book per week. 
Journal what you’ve learned.
American--Continue to participate in family readings from A Landmark history
Read and journal 1 biography per month.


Choose 1 country/region/state per month. 

Read a library book about it. 

Draw a map.

Create a project or write a report about chosen country. 


Choose 1 science topic to study each month. 

Read and journal 1 library book about the topic each week.

Work with Mom to do 1 experiment/project about the subject each month.

Literature Wish List:

The Green or Lilac Fairy Book by Andrew Lang 
National Velvet by Enid Bagnold
The Jungle Book—Rudyard Kipling

The Wind in the Willows

5 Children and It—Edith Nesbit
A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Otto of the Silver Hand—Howard Pyle

Frankenstein—Mary Shelley

Little Britches—Ralph Moody
The Story of Greece—Mary MacGregor
Calico Captive—Elizabeth George Speare

Regina Silsby’s Secret War—Thomas J Brodeur

Gods and Heroes  by Robert Edward Francillon

Language Arts  
Spelling--Spelling Workout E
Handwriting—Rod and Staff grades 3 and 4 cursive review
English GrammarMilestones Academy Level B 
WritingNaNoWriMo challenge

Alpha Omega Lifepac Math, grade 3--starting with Lifepac #3
S12 has been doing Life of Fred math which is so completely different from traditional math programs in its scope and sequence that she needs to fill in some gaps.  She is fed up with Life of Fred and refuses to go on, stating that she's tired of "guessing" what she's supposed to do for each lesson instead of receiving instruction and then doing the work.  I am placing her as recommended by her score on the placement test offered by Alpha Omega.  I think she'll race through and probably complete both grades 3 and 4 before the end of the school year

S12 likes to sing, and has joined our church choir in order to learn about good choral techniques.  In addition she will learn 3 folk songs:
*Amazing Grace
*Scarborough Fair
*Billy Boy
She will also learn to sing a new primary song or hymn of her choosing.  Our goal is to find a performance opportunity for any (or all) of these songs.

S12 will also participate in American Rhythm for singing and dancing performances along with her sisters (and maybe little brother?)

S12 also plans to continue to work at learning to play the piano.

S12 believes she is incompetent at any hand work.  We have not set any particular goals at this point but plan to find an interesting kit or two this year that will build her self-confidence and inspire her to learn more.

In General
What your 6th Grader Needs to Know--Read a bit each day.  Have fun learning!

In addition to the above S12 will continue to attend church on Sundays, participate in weekly church activities, go on whatever field trips we can afford with our homeschool association, and play competitive soccer in the spring. 


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