Everything in One Spot--Our Plan for the 2014/15 Homeschool Year.

I've posted each child's plan separately, but I wanted to link up with Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool without signing up 7 different times. :)

In general we will start our day with chores, breakfast, and family devotional.  The older kids will meet with me briefly to go over what they need to do independently, then they will go and do.  I will spend the morning with the littles (the 3 kids under 8).

After lunch the littles are free to play while I spend time giving the older kids some one-on-one instruction in any areas they need help with and/or leading a group history lesson, poetry tea time, helping set up science experiments, or whatever the big kids need.

Once a week we have American Rhythm practices right after lunch, so our mornings will be slightly abbreviated in order to get us out the door on time.  We won't have formal school that day, but our practice will give us a little bit of PE (the dancing) and music training.

Twice a month in the mornings we have our science club meetings.  On those days we won't have any school at home at all (except E14 who has aged out of the club and will stay home to work on her own ambitions goals).  Instead those days will be outing/errand days once our science club meeting is over.

In the late winter/spring the oldest 3 girls will play competitive soccer.  This will wreak havoc with our schedule, but that's okay because Baby #8 is due in January, so we'll already be up to our eyeballs in schedule modifications.

Here are the links to the kids' plans (click on the letter/number combo under their pictures):









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