The Plan--2014/15--H5

All I care about for H5 this year is that she gets some loving attention from me and gets to learn to read the way she so desperately wants to.  She misses the age cutoff for kindergarten for our state, so she's technically still not even school-age, but we began our version of kindergarten (a.k.a. reading lessons) last March.

Then I got pregnant and sick, so all lessons stopped.

She asks at least once a week when she gets to "do school again."

After our family devotional at breakfast she will participate with A7 in Kid School.  This is not because I think she needs the schooling, but because she needs the attention from me and to be included in fun activities.

Once the crafty/science-y/story-time/cooking fun is over it will be her turn for one-on-one attention for phonics.  We are going to keep working on Sonlight Language Arts K.  She loves it.  I love it.  It works for us.  We will grab a lap desk and snuggle close on the couch together so that she gets lots of touching time (because she needs it so badly) and learn to read and write.

That's it.  That's the end of her school day.  Of course at 5 she'll still be learning constantly as she sets the table for dinner, counts and sorts Legos with her brother, learns about human reproduction through my pregnancy, helps with the new baby when he comes, writes letters to her cousin on a mission, listens to stories, plays house, plays games, tries to keep up with her big sisters, and lives life as an active, curious 5-year-old.


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