45 Minutes at the Nature Park

Grammie and Grampa are in town.  They are content to just hang about the house interacting with the kids.  I am content to just hang about the house watching them interact with the kids.  It is a good visit.

But it is also spring, and we need to get out!  So late on Thursday afternoon I ordered everyone into the car--really, I had to order them because I'd picked up library books earlier in the afternoon, and all they wanted to do was lie around reading--and we drove the 2 miles to the really cool nature center we discovered last week.

It took about 2 seconds for everyone to stop whining and start being interested.

--We found a bird's nest full of cheeping baby birds.
--We found totally interesting plants in the water garden--they have little balloons at the base of each leaf, and they float freely around the pond in little clusters.  I haven't found out what they're called yet.
--We saw that the lily pads have buds and are going to be in bloom any day.  Now we have to go back ASAP!
--We left Grammie at the pond with her tablet and an extra blanket; walking is so very hard on her.
--Grampa and the rest of us donned extra sweatshirts and followed the paved trail around to the cabin ruins.  One of the standing chimneys is freaky high--we've got to find out the story about this one, but the interpretive center is never open!--and has excellent vines for swinging growing right near by.  We climbed and swung for a while.  I took pictures with my phone, but I have no idea where the correct USB cable is for uploading them to the computer . . . maybe someday.

The time raced past so very quickly, and we needed to head home to get dinner on the table before Daddy had to leave for work.  The complaints about leaving were far worse than the complaints about going. :)

But dinner was ham and cheesy potatoes, so we were all quite happy in the end.


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