Because Life is What it Is . . .

That "first" day of summer school botany has been our only one so far.

Grammie and Grampa came to visit.  We've been trying to do activities that include them  which has meant being home much of the time because their health precludes very many outings.  Just getting here was outing enough for them.

We've played at a park.  I2 hardly ever plays at parks, so the day we went there was a banner day in his little life.  We drove past the park again the other day, and he lit up like Christmas. 

We need to go back.

--With few constraints on her time, M12 spends much of the day at the piano.
--S11, J10, and E14 have read many, many, many library books--mostly fantasy.
--The 3 little ones spend long hours in our empty dining room playing make believe.
--A7 plays outdoors in the house the kids built of old bricks.  She faithfully weeds it daily and sweeps the dirt floor with a tree branch broom.
--I2 loves the swing set.
--E14 is leading all of the rest of the girls in soccer drills and running training.  They are all very serious about doing their laps and practicing their footwork.
--We celebrated Memorial Day at a church pancake breakfast (with an appropriate patriotic ceremony) and at a cook out with old friends.
--We're waiting, waiting, waiting for our public school friends to get out of school so we can play with them
--We took a bike ride with our homeschool friends.
--We're wrapping up our Explorer's Club year with hikes and nature explorations.

It feels a lot like summer around here.

And that's just fine.


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