Peter Pan is Magic

I have to leave in 7 minutes to pick up my husband's parents from the train station.  They're staying with us for 15 days.  Everyone is over the moon excited. 

But I must pause to capture a moment.

Last night I read a loud from Peter Pan.  It was a rough beginning--E14 wanted to be up sharpening colored pencils, H4 was restless and annoying her sisters, S11 was talkative, and so on and so forth.  We finally got started only to stop for more behavioral interruptions. 

I was ready to throw in the towel.

But on I read.

And slowly the magic of reading took its hold on us all.

H4 stood close to me.  Her elbows on the arm of the couch.  Her face propped up by two small, balled fists.  Her blue eyes alight as Wendy, John, and Michael flew around the nursery for the first time.

A7 colored away in her coloring book as she listened, laughing aloud (oh, that laugh of hers--there's magic in that laugh) at Peter and Wendy's coy repartee.

The four big girls grew silent--listening, listening--not wanting to miss any words.

At the conclusion of the chapter, everyone sighed.  There would have been clamors of, "Read more, Mom!" but I was already picking up our copy of The Swiss Family Robinson, and this read is so fun that as S11 says, "I hope we never finish it."

As it was E14 yelped, "Is that really the end of the chapter?"

And S11 kind of shuddered with excitement as she said, "I forgot how good this book is.  I'm glad you're reading it to us."

We read until my eyes grew too heavy to focus.  I crawled into bed happy, so happy, that we read.


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