Holding On

It is Wednesday night.  We're ending what is supposed to be the last day of a spring hot spell.  We haven't turned the air conditioner on yet because . . . well, just because.  There's something about inviting in the cool morning air and living with fresh air in and out of the house that just feels better than closing ourselves off from the natural world in order to live in a sealed, artificial environment.  And air conditioners use a lot of energy. But right now the house is 86 degrees indoors, and it just feels hot and stuffy, and I2 hasn't slept well in a couple of nights because he's sensitive to the heat, and I'm starting to wonder if we're holding out for no good reason.

One more night.

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be more like spring--rain and mild temperatures. 

So weatherwise we're holding on for one more night.

And activitywise we're holding on until the end of the week. 

This week has included or will include still:
--5 soccer games--4 of them out of town
--1 soccer practice
--a homeschool support group all day field trip via train to the state capital for the older 4 girls and their dad
--and outing day at the zoo, on a picnic, and under a sprinkler for the little 3 and me
--organizing (and preparing and delivering) meals for a woman from church who just had a new baby
--a science club nature walk at a site 50 miles from home
--trying to finish the triple bunk beds before Grammie and Grampa arrive in only 8 more days
--and exploring a local historic/nature preserve that we discovered is only 2 miles from our house.

Add in the regular chores, finishing up bits and bobs of schoolwork that are all that we have left of our traditional school year, planning and preparing for botany studies for the summer, 2 kids with colds, and the unseasonable heat, and I'm just tired.

But the house is still open to let in some cooler air and release some of the hot air, so I can't go to bed yet.

I'm holding on.

It's a good life.  I don't mean to be complaining.  People often say to me, "You sure have your hands full!"  I reply, "Yes, and it's ever so much better than when they were empty!" 

It's true.

--soccer ends this weekend
--the meals are organized and delivered
--the outings have created wonderful memories
--we've gotten out into the sunshine and under the trees and used our bodies to walk, our minds to learn, our hearts to express gratitude for the wonders of God's creation
--the bunk beds will get done .  .  . and our friend offered us another free mattress!  That's 2 out of 3!  What a blessing!

I'm glad for my full life.

I'm still glad to see some quieter days looming on the horizon.


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