Now What?

So, we're done with International Day. 

We missed it.

The original plan was to have fun with this break from our regular studies and then return, refreshed, to the grindstone.

But every part of me is rebelling against that! 

I don't want to go back to what we were doing!

It was good.  Our days flew by busy and productive.  But the very idea of it is horrifying right now.

I want to do another project that brings us all to life the way Antarctica and How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World did.

Christmas could do it!

What about a Christmas unit study?

As I sat at the table after my personal scripture study I came up with this list:

Scripture to memorize:  Luke 2
(And it would work for copywork, spelling, and dictation, too!)

Poem to memorize:  'Twas the Night Before Christmas

History:  Roman Empire, Jewish history/culture/religion

Literature: Max Lucado storybooks, Who Am I? by Katherine Paterson, The Not So Wise Man by Alan MacDonald, Elijah's Angel by Michael J Rosen,

Science:  biology--human gestation and birth, animal husbandry, astronomy (The Amazing Beginning of You by Mark and Lisa Jacobson, God Made You Nose to Toes by Leslie Parrott)

Service:  an act of kindness each day

PE:  we could finally use that 1 week free at the YMCA I've been promising to redeem for so long

Math:  Start back up with Life of Fred again

Electives:  The kids could pick up their individual studies again (E12--Latin, M10--ASL, S10--The Great Composers, J8--Horses)

I feel charged and alive as I imagine following these pursuits.

I feel burdened and tired as I imagined returning to our autumn schedule.

I'm going with charged and alive.


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