Let the Assessments Begin!

The calendar year is coming to a close.  Our school year is not quite half over, but as always happens after 3 or 4 months, it is time for change.  I've learned to not be distressed by the fact that schedules and plans never work for longer than a few months; we are all growing and changing so quickly that the need to make adjustments as we go is necessary.

In general we had a good first few months.  We accomplished a lot and our schedule was not too hard.

But it was hard.

It felt as if we didn't ever have quite enough time for playing outside or saying yes to play dates or offering service to others.  Friends have begun to say things like, "We'd love to play if you can squeeze us in to your schedule."  That simply breaks my heart.  There should always be room for friends!

Our schedule had room to allow for brief interruptions, but I always felt trapped and in a hurry to get back to where we should have been.

I went to bed pleased with what we did each day, but so tired that I had nothing left in me.  That can be a good thing--I believe in hard work--but I'm not quite sure that I had enough energy left for my husband, and that is a problem.  I definitely cared for him and left time in the days to interact with him, but I was out of practice from such a long haul of intentionally leaving him alone so he could study.  For him, school is out, and it is time to reconnect with each other.

So my first assessment is that people are more important than programs.  Something's gotta give! 

A)  I still need to protect our school hours so that we do have time for school.
B)  Those school hours need to be a little bit shorter.
C)  We need to protect our outdoor play hours.
D)  I need to set aside time for visiting teaching.
E)  We need 1 or 2 non-church-friend social events each month.


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