Now is Good (Just Write)

The days roll peacefully, busily by.

We're schooling gently.

That's how I like it.

We were pushing too hard in September and October.  November showed us how to find joy in the journey, and we are obeying that direction in December.  I've begun to wonder what January will look like.

But that is not necessary.

Now is where we live.

I gave A5 and H3 little handwriting practice papers about cows to go along with our unit study of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.   H3 obviously doesn't need to do handwriting practice, but if someone bigger is doing it, she must do it, too.

I sat across the table from her, watching.

Watching her pudgy little fingers grip her pencil.
Watching her sweet, soft cheeks.
Watching her eyes deep in concentration.
Watching her elbows propped on the table, supporting her body because she was sitting in a chair too low for her body.
Watching a wisp of hair fall across her forehead.
Watching perfect letters march out from underneath her fingers.
Watching her smile triumphantly as she finished, "C is for cow."

I could live in now forever.

(Just Write)


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