A Week, Briefly (#14)

This week our only schooly school day was Monday.

The older kids and I did literature lesson 4 about The Nightingale and The Ugly Duckling; the theme was our unique missions in life.  We also completed chemistry lesson 4 about using the metric system.

For preschool we danced.  I found this cute site.  We danced to the first 2 classical songs and then to the Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Preschool dancing--the only "school" picture I took this week.
 On Tuesday our copy of Black Ships Before Troy finally came through which we needed to read for our cousins' book club meeting the very next day, so we spent the whole day snuggled around the living room reading and eating popcorn and sliced apples.  With interruptions from babies and toddlers, we made it through 92 pages.

In the late afternoon Rose Red made tang hulurs to take to share for the book club we should have had in October for Little Pear (it was repeatedly canceled because of illnesses).

On Wednesday Nature Angel had a dermatology check up for her bald patch--it's still bald, but the steroid shot at least halted the growth.  Now we have a set of ointments we have to apply morning and night to see if we can get hair to grow back.

While she was gone with Dad, Rose Red made pork and cabbage dumplings to go with the tang hulurs.  The rest of us did chores and packed a picnic lunch to eat in the car on the way up to our cousins' house 75 miles north of us.

Once we got on the final really, really country road, Rose Red got to drive.  The best moment was seeing our cousins' faces when they saw Rose Red behind the wheel as we came down the long driveway to their house.

We had our double book club meeting, enjoyed each other's company, and Rose Red got to practice 3 point turns in order to get out of the yard and back onto the road.  Our cousins whooped and hollered and cheered her on.

On Thursday we organized dance costumes and realized that Rose Red and Nature Angel needed some new base costumes.  We packed another picnic lunch and headed out the door to The Salvation Army to look for clothes.  We had limited success, but before we could go to another thrift store, it was time to head to our earlier-than-usual dance practice.

The teachers had the kids practice our introductory and final dances, and they practiced dancing and singing with the microphones.  My group of 3-5 year olds charmed all of the older kids who got to see the littles dance for the first time (we practice in the church kitchen while the others are in the main basement rooms).

After dance, Rose Red headed off to communications class, and I dropped Pixie and Super Star off at the meeting place for the youth temple trip

On Friday Rose Red and Pixie had an extra dance rehearsal in the morning, and Brother had a doctor's appointment about a rash on his arm, so that blew my plans to have a school day.  I did work with Little Princess on her flower fairy alphabet (letters U and V), though.

The babies have been extra needy of late, so I spent a lot of time taking care of them.

The best part of Friday was that Sir Walter Scott's brother came to visit.  He came armed with a truck load of pizza and soda, and we'd baked him a birthday cake, so we all laughed, talked, played, and celebrated the afternoon and evening away.

And the week was over.

There will be lots of dance next week as we have 2 performances and still need to find a few costume pieces!!!!


  1. A good week even with only one official school day! It is so good for me to read your posts as I'm snuggling my new baby. I want to dive right back in to school but I know that is a crazy idea! I need to let our new routine develop slowly (around the holidays..haha). I think what I really need to do is look at just what we got done from July-Oct and evaluate what our new goals will be for after the holidays. Then choose some small areas to focus on just for December as an in-between time.

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Yay! Rose Red is driving!--how fun (and scary, I know...). I love the picture of Uncle with all the kids (posted elsewhere)--every face is adorable. Happy dancing!


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