Adoption: What I've Learned Along the Way, an Introduction

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At Brother's therapy intake meeting a week ago the sweet therapist looked me in the eye and asked, "Would you consider writing about the lessons you've learned in your foster/adoptive experiences?  You could help so many others."

My brain whirled:
  Yes, I love to write.
  Yes, we have rather a lot of collective experience around here.
  But I'm up to my eyeballs trying to love and care for my family as it is.  
  It's not my season, I reasoned.

But I think it is.

The therapist's request lent weight to unformed thoughts I already had slipping here and there through my mind.

Which leads me to the here and now in which I will write about lessons learned in no particular order and following no particular schedule.  Rather I will write as I am living--sometimes frantically, sometimes peacefully.

And someday I will have enough lessons to order them, organize them, and share them with others more formally than on this small but dear-to-me blog.


  1. This is an awesome idea! I'm sure this will be wonderful.


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