Thankful . . . Now!

As I nursed Baby L in the blue rocking chair in the corner, I picked up a library book to re-read.  It's a very sweet book that I think I might purchase because it gently feeds my spirit.

This morning it opened a door to inspiration.

Gratitude.  I so want to nurture a spirit of gratitude in our family.

Baby L fell asleep and I knew I needed to take action immediately.  I put him in bed with a flannel blanket (it is oddly cool today) tucked around his sweet fat legs before I turned to the paper drawer.

I made this:

It is simple--not beautiful at all to look at.  Printer paper, scotch tape, yarn, a ball point pen, some stickers.  It is not a work of art, not Pinterest-worthy.

But if I waited to make a beautiful work of art, it would probably never be done . . . or I would worry about it being ruined.

I hope the beauty comes in the thoughts that are written there.  I hope that as I set the example of jotting down my thankful thoughts as they come, the rest of the family will follow.  I hope that the littlest ones will scribble on it and that the slightly older ones will creatively spell their happy words.  I hope the oldest ones will sometimes be silly and sometimes be sincere.

I hope, over time, the plain old paper will become a treasure of inestimable worth.

 PS--it's been a few days since I put it up, and everyone loves it!  We all pause to jot a note or two at random times in the day.  My heart is so very fully as I see the silly and tender thoughts of my precious, precious family.

I am so thankful!


  1. I love that! I think I may try it! Much better than the Thanksgiving tree I made a few years back that drove us all mad by falling off the wall every few minutes. :)

    Yes, indeed - your gratitude and your sweet spirit shine through your blog! :)

  2. What a great idea! And it doesn't have to wait until November!

  3. Yay for acting right away on inspiration!


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