A Week, Briefly (Lessons in Forgiveness and Love)

The homeschool lessons of the past week have been about love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

They are hard lessons to learn.

The hardest.

They are worthwhile lessons.

But, oh, they are so hard!

We've had "Jaybird" visiting us.  He's 6 years old.  His needs are huge. 

He's to go back to his foster home today.  He's so ready.  It's been his home for half of his life, and he's homesick after spending 5 days with a bunch of strangers who are utterly different from him.

We are ready to breathe deeply after holding our breath first in anticipation then in fear.

We've spent 5 days in fear.

His needs are severe enough that our children have been hurt.

We've had to look our children in the eyes and say, "We choose you.  We will not sacrifice you in order to save him."

It is quite likely that he needs another family.

He's such a little boy. 
He sucks his thumb.
He plays with cars.
He dresses dollies.
He collects toy lizards in his pockets.
He likes warm milk with cinnamon before he goes to bed.

I want to help him.  I feel myself learning to love him.  But I may love him best by not being his mama.

His worst attacks have been on our A8 (who wants to be known henceforth as "Naturegirl").

Interestingly she has forgiven the most readily.

She is a miracle of peace and Christ-like love.

We've committed to prayer to seek the Lord's will.


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