Assessment 2012--S10

My sweet S10 is incredibly social and optimistic.  She loves to talk and talk and talk--all people are potential friends.  She is quite bright and her hearing is acute . . . as long as she's interested in what is going on. :)

Language Arts:
This girl reads!  She is my best kid at following the "after baths you should be reading a book or writing in a journal" rule.  We can hardly keep her stocked because she flies through books at a rapid pace.  Her favorites are fantasies (Fablehaven, Warriors, etc.), but she's willing to give other books a try. 

She finished her NaNoWriMo novel first draft and is currently working on entering it into the computer for editing.  She has a good ear for irony and humor, and her story is peppered with one-liners that make me laugh. 

She's entering a local spelling bee this spring--she's a good speller!

She's loving working through the elementary series of Life of Fred.  She'd like to go faster, but I've been holding her back a little to give her time to absorb the concepts; sometimes she can spit out the facts without showing me she understands what's going on in the background.

The Great Composers:
Her elective of choice was The Great Composers by Beautiful Feet.   She loves the days when she is listening to music; she falls apart on the days when she is supposed to define vocabulary words or draw maps.  She's starting to complain more and work less.  I'd like to see her finish it, but I didn't purchase all of the components in advance, so now I have to spend some money because checking them out from the library really isn't working.  I'm impressed with the curriculum, and I'm convinced S10 is learning some good stuff--at the very least she's being exposed to truly great music, and that it good enough for me!

We were working our way through  The Story of the World volume 3, but we let that fall by the way.  It works for us (when I follow through), so my goal is to open that one up again and keep filling our timeline notebook with pictures and notes.

Science and Old Testament:
As these are family subjects, what I wrote about E12 applies here.  But S10 is very engaged on our nature outings even though she hates the actual drawing part.  I love to see her dash here and there exclaiming loudly over every new discovery.  She'll probably never see any of the shyer fauna. 

S10 is lots of fun to be around.  In her free time she studies first aid, sharks, and surfing via the story of Bethany Hamilton.  She currently wants to become a pro-surfer.  That's one dream I'm not really equipped to help her with, but I'm trying to feed her love of first-aid and music, and I'm trying to keep her supplied with great reading material.

I think she's going to like working on home improvement projects for the next couple of months.


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