Assessment 2012--M10

My darling little M10 has the heart of a servant.  She loves to give and serve and help.  I don't think there can be any better description of a person than that.  Her special mission this past year or so was (and still is) making baby blankets for expectant moms.  On any given Sunday you can see evidence of her handiwork and love wrapped around babies of various ages.

Language Arts:
My darling girl has stopped reading for pleasure.  Why?  She hasn't given me a good answer for it--just that "reading is boring."  We've tried dozens of books, and she never finishes any of them.  Her most focused interest was on babysitting and infant/child first aid and CPR.  She read and took notes and basically completed a self-designed babysitting training course.  She did such a good job on her first babysitting job (pulling out a questionnaire and filling it out before the parents left then caring for the baby just beautifully) that they called me to tell me how wonderful she was.

So, she can read.  She can focus on that which interests her.  She just hasn't found any literature that holds her attention.

I guess we'll stick to non-fiction, hands-on, do-it-yourself sorts of reading.

She's still plugging away at her NaNoWriMo novel.  Fiction isn't her thing.  She journals with the best of them, but this novel is quite a stretch.  She's like me that way. :)  I can respect that.  And if she never finishes her novel, but keeps a daily journal, I'm more than happy!

She's loving working through the elementary series of Life of Fred.  She'd like to go faster, but I've been holding her back a little to protect E12's feelings.  Now that E12 is going to switch to Saxon, I think I'll let M10 fly.

Her elective of choice was ASL, but that's awfully hard to do via independent study.  I'd have her sign to herself in the mirror, but there's nowhere near enough feedback for that to work.  We've returned the books to the friend from whom we borrowed them and we're casting about for another subject for her to study.  She likes projects, so I'm thinking that a Hands of a Child lapbook is the right course of action for her.

We were working our way through  The Story of the World volume 3, but we let that fall by the way.  It works for us (when I follow through), so my goal is to open that one up again and keep filling our timeline notebook with pictures and notes.

Science and Old Testament:
As these are family subjects, what I wrote about E12 applies here.  But M10 is very engaged on our nature outings and absolutely loves producing drawings and participating in our experiments.  She's a hands-on kind of girl!

I'm happy to see her growing and learning.  She's entering the stage of wanting to listen in on the grown-ups' conversation rather than playing with the little kids--though she really loves those littles.  I can count on her help bathing, feeding, and caring for her little sisters and brother when I need her; she's responsible almost to a fault, and I work to see that she has free time to "just be."


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