Assessment 2012--H3

This little girl loves life!

The frame of our preschool is the alphabet--one letter at a time we explore fun crafts.  Preschool is an excuse to make sure I give H3 some special attention each day.  She knows the alphabet, and she can count accurately at least to 10, but probably higher.  She can write her own name and can copy anything we hand her.  She loves to paint, cut, color, and do whatever she sees her big sisters do.  She is incredibly verbal and hilariously funny!  She can make me laugh when she wants to without fail!!!

She is rather naughty during family prayer and scripture time each night (What to do?  What to do?), but during A5's devotional time she is an active participant.  She's memorizing scriptures, poems, and songs, and she loves the scripture stories I read.

She helps me cook and clean--last night she washed dishes for at least half an hour.  She listens to great stories every afternoon and at bedtime.  She goes on nature outings with us.  She loves cuddles and kisses and lots of closeness.

I love the life in this little girl!


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