Last week I needed to find some old family stories, so I spent an hour or so looking over the very first blog I opened (now archived and private). 

Rose Red and Pixie experimenting with natural dyes in our front yard

It is always so fun to see the old pictures and read the old stories.

L-R:  Belle, Nature Angel, Genevieve (the dog), Pixie, Rose Red, and Super Star.  There had been some serious mud play that day!

I found one post about our homeschool from 2009.

At that time we had 6 little girls ages 9 and under--the newest (Little Princess) being absolutely as new as possible.

Little Princess--just days old

I wanted to quote myself, but I've been searching for the post (and you'd think I could find it given Little Princess's birthdate) for half an hour, and I can't find it again.  I'm thinking perhaps Little Princess was a few months older than I thought.

Anyway . . .

It was a busy season in our home, and I wrote about how the previous school year had been one of book work and work sheets and mom-directions and about how the next one was shaping up to be a child-directed year of creative exploration.  I do remember writing something about the joy of watching the kids spread their wings and fly.

It touched my heart.

Because I think this year is going to be a little bit different from last year.  I've got a huge stack of index cards (each one labeled with a different educational resource we own) and a bunch of boxes (one for each kid), and I've been using the cards and boxes to pull and sort school.

photo credit: Pixie

I feel more creative than I did last year.

The kids have all grown since last year.

I think we're going to have one of those flying years.

photo credit:  Pixie

(But don't hold me to it!)


  1. What fun memories. And I do remember when you said that. I was, and still am, amazed at what you get done in a day, month, year. . . . Love to see the old pictures.

  2. 2009 was a memorable year. I laid (a little) claim to Little Princess soon after she was born. Then she grew up making us laugh so much! It was a good year.

  3. So fun to reminisce! Here's to a wonderful year!

  4. I have noticed that we have creative years and workbook/survival years. They all make up a beautiful, flexible homeschool life. I hope you have a wonderful year. We are hoping to have an efficient and peaceful year sprinkled with joy and passionate learning.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. That's awesome. I started blogging before I was ever pregnant. I have 2007-2009 blogs printed and scrapbooked. These are the first two years of my daughter's life. She enjoys reading it immensely.

  6. It is fun to look back! My children were so little when I started blogging (2 weren't even born yet.) So many changes over the years. We have had seasons of bookwork and seasons of creativity and more free spirited learning. I fear that this fall I will be in survival mode, but I hope for it to be a great school year with lots of good memories! I hope you have a wonderful year!


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