"Print Ready!"

Our homeschool group puts together a yearbook each school year.  My kids pore over the old ones day in and day out, never tiring of looking at themselves and their friends and remembering the amazing experiences our homeschool group offers us.

One delightful feature we love is the opportunity to make "personal pages."  These are pages that appear only in our yearbook that hold our family's personal memories.   Each family gets 2 pages included in the price of the yearbook . . . but we opt to pay the extra fee for extra pages and see more of ourselves. :)

This year Pixie made our pages--selected the photos, selected the page layouts, put them together, and hit the "print ready" button.

The lack of captions keeps us talking and talking about the pictures to keep the stories alive.

This year's Not-Back-to-School picnic is in late August, and we get our yearbook then.

We're so excited!!!!


  1. You certainly need the extra pages to get your story told!

  2. Oh, that's awesome! I used to scrapbook... a few years ago, and a few kids ago! I don't think I've made a book since Katie's adoption trip book, 4 years ago.

  3. Great pictures! I did a couple of yearbooks for our family and the children loved looking through them remembering what we did that year. I haven't done one the last couple of years though.


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