A Week, Briefly (#5)

This week was science week at our house.  We completed lessons 1-4 of our science curriculum, and then we also did lesson 2 of our art curriculum.

We began Little Pear for our September Cousins' Book Club meeting.

We continued reading A Single Shard as part of our geography enrichment.

Nature Angel, Little Princess and I did absolutely zero math work together.  That was disappointing, but there's still so much sickness and so many calls to the nurse advice line and so many appointments with doctors that I had to let something go.

The good news is that the older 4 girls are all doing daily math now.  Rose Red has returned to trying to complete Math U See Epsilon; Pixie is finishing Saxon 8/7; Super Star has begun Saxon 5/4; and Belle has begun Saxon 7/6.  So far, all is well.

Rose Red does science with us, but she's also working on Alpha Omega LifePac Science 9 on her own.  Here she is simulating atomic motion in solids, liquids, and gases.

As an introduction to animal classification, we sorted buttons.  I thought it would be too young for the older kids, but they LOVED it, begging to be allowed to finish their sorts before we cleaned up. :)

Our street was repaved--watching the big machines was a major highlight of our week. 

We're studying invertebrates right now.  We got up close and personal with some sea sponges. 

Rose Red rigged up some shade and took her history essay outside.

Brother enjoyed some time at the piano.

I had my hands full with Little Sister, so Rose Red loved up Baymax one morning as she worked on science vocabulary.

Baymax pulled himself to a standing position all by himself.

We discussed "line" as an element of art.  Then we practiced form drawing.  The older kids found out that it is harder than it looks to draw evenly and precisely.

On Friday we examined worms from our compost pile, then we drew pictures as accurately as possible.  We could have dissected worms, but we opted to watch a video of someone else doing it instead. :)

Then on Friday evening, after Ladybug got home from school, we all headed out to the coolest park ever for a picnic dinner and some family play time!

The super-duper exciting news in our world is that the Children's Division is considering letting us bring Ladybug home full time instead of sending her to school each day.  She'll continue therapy on an out-patient basis. 

I hope they say yes!

We also hired an adoption attorney.  There's potential for the adoption process to last over 18 more months before finalization.


But there's also a chance it could be done in 6 months.

We'll see.


  1. I particularly like the pictures of the kids "up close and personal" with the sea sponges... their faces reflect intensity!

  2. Hmph, my comment just got eaten! I need to remember to copy my comments before I publish! :) Anyway, love the pictures!! Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll be praying for the adoption process!! :)


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