A Week, Briefly (#6)

I uploaded 438 pictures this weekend, and of them I can share these 4:

Rose Red laughed at me one morning, grabbed the camera, and took this picture.  She said I should post what laundry folding looks like at our house.  I replied that most of the online families I "know" have lots of kids, and this won't impress anyone.

One afternoon the kids watched Signing Time.  The new kids really like it--especially Ladybug.

We ate "worms in dirt" one day just for fun to remember our worm science lesson the week before.

The babies had a jam session.
We had another geography week--learning about the atmosphere.  It felt more like science.  I guess that shows us how all subjects are related.

We had our dance practice outside at a really neat park.  Otherwise I didn't like having our meeting outside--too hot after an hour or so, and the little kids didn't want to practice singing and dancing because they wanted to play.  I'm co-teaching the 3-5 year olds.  Holy cow!  That's a job and a half!

Lots of appointments with various doctors.  Little Sister has infections in both ears; Brother's eczema is under control, according to the dermatologist.  She gave us kudos for our good care.

Rose Red had her first dual enrollment homeschool/college class on Thursday evening.  She's taking Communications 110 (a.k.a. speech-giving).  There are 12 kids from the local homeschool community enrolled.  It was a good first class--basic, and not too overwhelming.  I love that she gets some classroom experience and dual credit without the too-adult college atmosphere.  She loves having a class with friends.

We had one preschool lesson this week using the MindUp curriculum.  Ladybug's transition to home school is on hold while the social worker deals with the many upcoming court dates the children have, so we're not getting much preschool done.  That's okay--what the kids need is time to run and play and be kids.

The best boost of the week?  While speaking with Ladybug's preschool teacher she said, "Whatever you're doing at home is working.  Keep up the good work."

Oh, heaven!

We spent hours and hours outside--at least the kids did.  The weather is gently cooling down, and it is glorious to be out of doors.  Friday was our "Wild Day" which we spent with friends at a local nature center.  (I forgot the camera)

We're putting one foot in front of the other, so while our progress seems slow, we are making progress!


  1. Love the pictures of the babies at the piano. So great.

  2. What a sweet comment from your preschool teacher! Love it! I always love those sweet comments that affirm what we are doing.

    And yes, I do indeed find your laundry picture impressive! We're not to that level yet! :)

    I hadn't heard of Signing Time, but I ordered one at the library to check it out. :)

    Have a wonderful night!

    1. P.S. That article on community colleges was eye-opening. I've heard similar cautions from other sources. The community college trend is definitely big here - it's almost considered an automatic. It's definitely something to pray over before jumping into, for sure. Unfortunately as our culture has dive-bombed, the college scene has too - indeed, at a much steeper rate than the overall culture.

    2. Signing Time is awesome! We've been watching the DVDs for over a decade, and we LOVE them. Hope you do, too. :)


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