This Season

Right now has the dubious distinction of being the most intense season I can remember living.

Before now, I would have said that having 6 under 8 was the most intense season.  I give my husband and older daughters full credit for being marvelous partners in keeping our household up and running, and back when there were 6 under 8, we did not have our daughters helping the way they do now.

We opened our hearts and home to our 4 new ones believing whole-heartedly that we'd be fine because we'd lived through the season of having only little ones at home.

I forgot to take into consideration that our family dynamics are utterly different than they were back then.

Back then I could say, "They're fed, they're clean (enough), they're loved.  We're good."

And it was true.

It is not true now.

The older girls need so much more than to be fed, clean, and loved.  They are growing up, needing experiences and education far beyond the basics.  They are capable of handling their physical needs better than when they were preschoolers, but they need more socially, emotionally, and spiritually than ever.

As such, I am recognizing that I have to be more on my game than ever.

And I have to cut corners.

This is not a season for homemade Halloween costumes, homemade bread, daily crafts, or library story hours.   This is not a season for frequent dates with my husband (but some--always some dates are needed), volunteering to clean up after a homeschool dance, or missionary work.  This is not a season for unit studies, fancy menus, or foreign language study.

It IS a season for playing outdoors, sharing great books, folding laundry, washing dishes, listening for babies and to teens, choosing which activities are best, chore charts, school schedules, and drawing close to one another.

To draw close to one another.

But not just to one another--to draw close to the Lord.

That's what I care most about right now.

That's what this season is for.


  1. Love this. You are so right. I find that - even with my schedule which is so much easier than yours! - I am constantly having to consider whether a commitment is worth it. Homemade bread? Homemade kefir? Workday at church? Because it's just so easy to burn oneself into the ground as a homeschooler. I can only imagine how much more intense it gets with the needs of teens and pre-teens.

    Thank you for checking in! :)

  2. Yes, it's a new season. And this season, too, shall pass (sigh; I wish each season would stay longer instead of changing just as I'm getting used to it!). My suspicion is that--with all the myriad of experiences available to be had in your household, Church, and extended homeschool environment--the older girls are quite capable of meeting their own (and each other's) needs "more socially, emotionally, and spiritually than ever"... (well, I like the IDEA of them doing that for themselves and each other, I should say)... :)

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Had to go back on your blog and find when you got the new Littles :) I know what you mea about it being a different season. You're so right about it just being different. I couldn't put my finger on it, but that's it. Our children are older and more helpful but they just have different needs now. Not sure about you but we have SO much running around to do with the newest additions. They have visitation twice a week, and then appointments, doctors, and I do souch running around that I feel sad a lot of days when I have to leave some older kids home and take a couple kids each visit. We don't yet have a vehicle large enough for everyone. My mommy - guilt kicks in and I feel sad. But I'm trying to take extra time for each individually. What a balance! So tough.
    You're doing a great job. I haven't read anyone's blogs in such a LONG time. I'll be popping in here more often.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, my I understand! We have so very many appointments!!!! We had 5 this week--and it was a short, holiday week! I've turned to having my groceries delivered as much as possible, and streamlining any other errands in order to actually be home sometimes. I wish you well in your good work--we can encourage one another from afar. :)


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