A Week, Briefly (#2)

Today was supposed to be a school day, but we are defeated by illness.   We are currently dealing with pink eye, colds, fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, eczema, infections, and allergic reactions.  We have 3 appointments with the doctor, at least 3 prescriptions to pick up, and a whole passel of bodily fluids to clean up.

I'm quite sure it is just all of our various germs getting used to one another and will settled down soon.

(I hope.)

We managed to have 3 great days of school this week.  We took Wednesday off as Rose Red (see side bar for who's who) had outings planned all day.  Pixie and I went to a local fabric store for baby flannel so she could make a blanket and burp rag for a new mother at church.  That inspired Belle to sew, so she designed and has been working on a new embroidery project.

Our school curriculum this year is the LDS Family School year one.   We worked our way through Foundations lessons 2, 4, and 5 this week.  Last week we did lesson 1.  I'd hoped to do #3 today, but we'll just put it off to next week.

Our binders are organized, our timeline skeleton is up, our colored pencils and pens are catalogued.  We're just about ready to dive in to some meaty stuff.

Little Princess and Nature Angel are working with me with Math By Hand.  Last week we worked on form drawings with variations on straight lines and a basic curve.  This week we began the number lessons in the Grade 1 plans.  Yes, they are too basic for Nature Angel, but she likes the drawing, and there's plenty of time to work on her skills after this gentle introduction time.

We have yet to begin our preschool circle time that I want to do, but yesterday I made a number of these hand kites in a variety of colors, so we will have some fun dancing Monday morning.

image credit
Brother and Little Brother are learning how to enjoy story time.  It's fun to choose books that will capture their interest and share our love of literature with them.

Ladybug continues to do well at her preschool.  We miss her all day, and I can tell she feels left out of what we do at home, but pulling her out of school is not an option right now, nor would it be prudent for her emotional well-being.

My favorite lessons of the day are reading aloud from Old Testament stories--sharing the gospel with our newest family members.   They're pretty wide-eyed with astonishment every morning.  

Ladybug, Brother, and Little Brother have the habit of saying, "Ugh!" when someone's naked body part shows (during a diaper change, a bath, or clothing change).  This is distressing to me, so I've been smiling sweetly and saying, "Our bodies are gifts from God.  They are not "ugh!"  They are beautiful."

The lesson is being learned.  I overheard Brother correct Little Brother yesterday when Little Brother squawked out an "Ugh!" at bathtime.  He repeated my words verbatim in his husky little voice.  It was a sweet moment.


  1. You didn't mention in your last post that y'all were contagious, LOL! We got the cold bug over here too. It's working its way through the household. Sounds like you all really have a crazy combo of bugs over at your place!!

    I was recently reading a great book (I think it was "Brain Maker" by Perlmutter) that talked about household microbiota, and the fact that homes and their occupants do have a unique and interactive microbial population - and when an individual moves into a new household, there are changes in that person's microbiota as they start to take on the microbial communities of their surroundings (and vice versa). Your comment "our various germs getting used to one another" is probably super-accurate!!

    I love the preschool hand kites!!

    I also love the new names. It's going to take a while, but they're such cute names! Love it.

    I really like your practice on your last point:

    "This is distressing to me, so I've been smiling sweetly and saying, "Our bodies are gifts from God. They are not "ugh!" They are beautiful."

    I don't think I've done too well on this point, because my main issue has just been getting little boys to, well, stop being so inquisitive. Also, we've had some issues with potty humor being acquired from acquaintances, which I am trying to discourage. So I have probably reinforced negative teaching rather than positive. Thank you for that input - I am going to put it into practice.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and feel better soon!

  2. Love how the "Ugh!" thing worked out so far... Sweet! Praying for all the germs to work things out with each other...


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