A Week, Briefly (On the Bench)

Soccer games started.

M13 is the one in white on the right.

E15 is the one with the bandana on her head--right in the middle of the action.

S12 is #3.
The girls have a winning season so far.

M13 injured her ankle 2 minutes into the second game.  Assuming it was just mildly wrenched (like the last time she hurt it--while dancing) we wrapped it, elevated it, and watched it. 

Looks like she might need a doctor.

And on her way home from watching a soccer game at the field across the street, A8 fell and broke her arm.
They let her wear the hospital gown home from urgent care.
We're waiting to hear from the orthopedic dept about when we get to take her in for a real cast and to find out how long they estimate it will be on.  She's supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday . . . so thank goodness they make waterproof casts these days!

We got the news that we're officially waiting for really big news.  We're preparing for a very-likely-but-there's-still-a-chance-it-won't-happen situation. 

More on that in the weeks to come.

We managed to read a bit together.

We read a lot independently.

I went into E15's room the other day and discovered that her wall is papered with fashion drawings.  She must be spending hours of her free time working on them (and I thought she was napping!).  She's also working hard at the piano, teaching herself by ear how to play hymns.

The older four girls were accepted into a free outdoor camp for girls this summer sponsored by our state conservation department.  Their assignment to complete mandatory hunter certification showed up in the mail.  We completed 2 chapters' worth of assignments.  Only 7 to go.

Our Explorer's Club meeting took place.  The kids listened to presentations from local charities and worked on a toy drive so that we can donate toys to the kids who are served by the charities.  It's a truly wonderful idea in practice, but as E15 pointed out, "Our meetings are starting to feel like church without religion."  She put into words exactly how I've been feeling.  Though we love our friends and we find joy in serving, we are wary of church-substitutes.  More and more I am sure this is our last season of being a part of this club.

We had dance practice.  We're going to have 2 more shows this year--in May.  The rehearsal pressures are mounting, and I'm sewing costumes.

The oldest 4 went to a party with some homeschool friends on Friday night.

M13 and S12 worked on baby gifts for one of their church teachers.  They made hair bows and a tutu skirt for the baby girl due in May.  I don't have any pictures because they worked on them at the home of another church teacher.

Wednesday marked the first day that I produced all of the milk Baby L needs.  Other than a blip on Friday when a few wasted ounces of my milk resulted in his needing a 2 oz formula supplement, my milk supply has stayed high enough to meet his needs.

He's beautiful.

I am less and less sure about how or when to introduce traditional school again.  I am not worried about any of the kids' educations except E15's because she's high school age, and I don't know how to translate such non-traditional life learning into a transcript.  I know there are those who do it, so I will study their examples and see what I can learn.


  1. You and your beautiful family continually amaze me. Thank you for sharing. Hoping for quick healing for your two in the family infirmary, and for good news with your mysterious soon-to-be-announced event! Congrats on Baby L's feeding - he is a darling, and he sure is plumping up nicely!!



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