June Rain

The kids are dancing in the rain at this very moment.

Today A7 found a butterfly that made friends with her.   She built it a habitat and has spent hours studying it.

H4 and I2 followed A7 out of doors and have tagged happily at her heels.

I took the bigger girls shopping with me for items to complete E14's pioneer trek packing list.  Then I came home and sewed for several hours making adjustments here and there so that her clothes look like the genuine article.

Daddy mowed the lawn--for hours and hours today.

M12 practiced the piano and taught herself a new song on the recorder.  Yesterday she even got to play a hymn on the piano for the children to sing along.  She did a really good job!

S11 and J10 pored over the 21 dessert cookbooks they picked up from the library today.  I'd like to let them do some fun kitchen projects.  Maybe we can cut a deal or two . . .

M12 is taking the little ones up to the field right now.  She promises that she'll bring them home at the first sign of thunder or lightning. I trust her.   I can hear happy screams from here in the kitchen.

I am tired.

I am pregnant--7 weeks tomorrow (by my best calculation).  I think this one might stick because the morning sickness has been virulent.  But I've lost babies before even when I've been quite ill. 

We'll see.

I've been sick enough that I've had to tell the kids in order enlist their help.  They also began to ask, "Why are you lying down again, Mom?"

H4 sat on my lap and studied a pregnancy week-by-week website with me this morning.  She's delighted to discover that the baby is the size of a blueberry.  Next week a raspberry.  A7 asked, "How do they know what fruit to compare it to?"  We had quite the talk about cameras and technology . . . and loss.  Then A7, H4, and I2 cackled with glee when I clicked on the weeks in which they were born.  A7 and H4 were "pumpkins."  But I2 howled with delight over being a "watermelon."

Their hope fuels mine.

And the fact that they're dancing in the rain.


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