House Showing

Got a call at 8:15 am, "I'd like to show your house to my client between 1 and 3 this afternoon."

It would be our first house showing in about 3 months . . .  and I'd made up my mind that we'd go back to regular life instead of "museum house" life about 2 of those months ago.

I agreed, turned to the breakfast table and announced, "No school today.  We're cleaning."

And, to my surprise and joy, they cleaned.  We worked steadily until 1 pm.  It took all hands (most hands--J9 babysat the littles on her own all morning--she did a fine job, too) and every bit of energy we had to get the house in showing order.

Then everyone was banished from the house until the showing was over.

Good thing the weather was beautiful!

The real estate agent and her clients arrived just after 2:00.   The only comment I overheard was, "Oh!  We'd have to hire someone to mow the backyard!"


But we did it.  The house is very clean.  It won't last, but I did restore the kitchen to the same level of cleanliness after dinner tonight.

That's something.


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