At the Nature Sanctuary

Today our science club met at a local nature sanctuary.  The group leader had 2 different scavenger hunts prepared--one of items to find (and leave) and one to use multiple senses (but not tasting!).  My littles chose the senses list, but my older ones chose just to look.  We divided into groups, and I stayed with my littles.

I so like my little ones.

We meandered along, admiring leaves and sticks and rocks.  Our list included things like "See sunlight shining through the trees,"  "Watch clouds move across the sky,"  "Smell moss,"  "Touch mud,"  and other delightful ideas.

I'd never thought of smelling moss before!

I learned about Scour Rush--a bamboo-like plant that grows in temperate climates the world over.  It's considered indigenous. 

I never knew that before.

The kids climbed one side of a dam--it's a big grassy hill.  I haven't the faintest idea how tall it is, but it is very, very tall.  They climbed, then turned and waved.  I waved and waved back at them.

Some of them tumbled down.
Some of them ran down.
It is probably truer to say that all of them tumbled at one point or another.

I was happy to be at the bottom with the other mothers, watching our children climb.  Their enthusiasm for conquering that hill made us all laugh.  One mother said, "It's like turning out horses to pasture;  they can hardly wait!"

There was a waterfall. 

Waterfalls always make me think that Heavenly Father loves beautiful places.

We shared snacks, swung on vines, balanced on fallen logs, and climbed on rocks.
We basked in the sun.
We ignored the clock in favor of living in the moment.

I think we'll go again, soon.


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