So Far So Good

This picture was taken during our summer session of school, but I haven't taken any pictures today, and this one captures the flavor of this first day.

It is snack time right now . . . we've finished our snack, worked on our poem and find ourselves with a few free minutes.  I guess you'd call that recess. :)

I'm stealing this moment to say that my prayers for an easy day are being answered.  I know that not all days can be easy ones.  There will be days that the kids don't cooperate and the baby cries and the supplies all seem to be missing, but today, this very first day, is going well.

The pace that looked rather hard on paper, but over which I prayed and worked so faithfully, is turning out to be just right.  There is time to breathe.  There is time to settle into some good work.  There is time to be joyfully engaged.

(I did forget to brush my teeth! 

I'd better fix that right now.)

My sweet J8 is the happiest of all children, and as we started family scripture study this morning she said in her prayer, "We thank thee that this is the first day of school . . ."   I could hear the smile on her face. 

Hard days will come.

Today is a day of joy.


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