A Jonah Day

photo credit: unknown
It was my beloved friend Anne who lived at Green Gables that taught me the phrase "a Jonah day."

I'm having one.

I'm supposed to be snuggled on the couch between H3 and A5 reading stories.  Instead my precious A5 is sitting on her bed by herself until she is ready to obey Mommy. 

The older girls are doing their silent reading . . . most of them huffily.  M10 stomped her feet and yelled at me when I told her she needed to read indoors because she wandered around too much when she tried to read outdoors.  S10 whined and threw her body on the floor when I reminded her that she was supposed to read before she started writing her summary.  E12 called me a witch--yes, she actually called me a witch--and stormed out of the room when I informed her that because she had not been dating her math work, nor had she been bringing it to me on a daily basis as she'd been told to do repeatedly every day last week, she would have to do two extra assignments to catch up to where my records showed she should be.

And my dearest husband is distantly grumpy today.  I don't know what to do to make him feel better, but he is on my mind and in my prayers.

So here I am complaining to the computer . . . not really complaining . . . recording this Jonah day for posterity and to remind myself that I know that Jonah days happen.  Life has been so very good.  It is a blessing to wake up each morning, and I love my job of raising my children and  running our home and school.  The wonderful days we've had lately keep me from throwing in the towel on a day like today. 

Eventually that whale is going to spit me right out.

And though I'll be slimy and tired, I'll be able to get up and begin my journey anew.

Another good day is just around the corner.

I'm sure of it.

I'm off to see if my A5 is ready to obey and listen to some stories.


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