A Week, Briefly (12/10/18)

It was a very hard week, including a car accident (my husband is fine, the car is totaled) and a call to the police to help us bring a child home . . . and some other hard things as well.

I don't have a whole lot of energy to put into keeping a record of our school time, but I do know that our school time lends peace and a sense of normalcy to our days.  So many people advise dumping academics in order to focus on relationships, and I agree that math is less important than love, but in our house, holding a math lesson--keeping the routines of the day--is how we make it possible to show love.

So, in spite of broken cars and conversations with the insurance company and crying through 911 calls, we did have school as much as we could.

Morning Meeting--6 days.  We memorized Isaiah 9:6, continued reading Book of Mormon Stories, continued reading The Jesus Storybook Bible, sang Away in a Manger, and recited our daily affirmation poem of the season, I'm a Child of Royal Birth.

Symposium--4 days.  We're done with language arts until the next semester, but we worked our way up to the semester exam for history.  The review we had on Friday was hilarious, because the girls used dry erase boards and markers to write their answers, and I timed them.  It felt like a game show.  I did get pictures of Belle, but she was making funny faces in all of them, and she would not be happy with me if I made them public.

 We're hitting too many walls in Spanish right now.  I'm taking a break to assess how we can make this subject work. 

Academy--4 days.  We finished The Story of the Other Wise Man and began A King James Christmas.  We did 1 science activity (candy cane oobleck), 2 crafts (tissue paper wreaths, nativity sun catchers), and 2 picture studies.  We also did some Luke 2 copywork.

The best part of this activity was how the teens come to see what was going on and then stayed to play!

The picture we studied (above) and Lola's interpretation of it (below)

The picture we studied (above) and Beowulf's interpretation of it (below)--sometimes I wonder what the kids see in the paintings I show them, but I'm not giving up because the older kids really do study them, and the kids' abilities to search the paintings for details and meaning is growing--despite what the little ones draw. :)

Nature Angel's real copywork is on the page behind this one--it is appropriate for her skill level--but she was disappointed to graduate from this particular set of pages, so I printed a set for her too, and she happily traces and draws before getting to work on her actual assignment.

Varying amounts of individual schoolwork were done by various kids.

Pixie took her geography final.

Super Star is half way through her math book, so she's starting her break from that, while she focuses on getting to the half way point in The One Year Adventure Novel and French.

Belle is focusing on math and Latin.

Nature Angel and Little Princess do schoolwork then work on handmade Christmas surprises.

Ladybug did her schoolwork 5 days this week.

Mister Man did 2 days of individual schoolwork. 

Brother got to do about 2 days of individual schoolwork.

And the preschoolers worked on /f/.

Sir Walter Scott is at work today, so Grandma and Grandpa are coming to lend adult support. 

I am very grateful.


  1. What a hard week. I completely understand about comfort in routine. I am so glad your husband is alright! What a scary ordeal. Oh, those calls to 911 and (for us) poison control....I remember them well. Praying for you all.

    I love the sun catchers so much. Your home is looking so warm and filled with Christmas spirit.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Praying that the kids not involved will be as insulated as possible from the struggles, that God will make a path clear, and give you all the courage and hope to pursue it. ((HUGS)) I wish I was closer and could physically help.

  3. Oh Anne, what a hard week. Sending lots of (((((virtual hugs)))))) your way. So pleased that Sir Walter Scott is fine. Just hoping the child in question is eventually as well. I fully understand about the importance of the schoolwork routine. When our city was rocked by a series of major earthquakes I was all ready to flag school. But it soon became clear that when things were falling down around us carrying on with school (albeit in amended form some days ) was crucial to giving the kids a sense of normality and stability. Those nativity sun catchers are lovely. Hoping that this is a clam and uneventful week for you all, and that you all find ways to relieve the stress.

  4. I am so sorry for your hard week but glad your husband is ok. I know during some of the hardest times in our house, our school routine is what kept us grounded. The crafts you made are so cute! Hoping this week is a better week for everyone!

  5. So relieved your husband is alright and so sad to hear of the struggles you're going through. I love the nativity suncatchers! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the peace only our Savior brings.


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