Pixie's Thoughts on The Diary of Anne Frank

Hi, I'm Pixie.

I love photography, dancing (ballroom, swing, clog), doing hair, make up, (pretty much anything that is girly), hanging out with my sisters, cooking, (most of the time), playing with the littles, and sleeping.

I was assigned to make a multi media-presentation for English last week.
My presentation is on Anne Frank's saying, "Laugh and don't bother about others." (pg. 252)

I think this could come off as having two meanings.  One could be a rude, only care about yourself meaning (not so good).  Another could be to not care what the world or others say about you; be yourself and live life to its fullest (a much better option).  

I choose the second.

This is me talking a little about my thoughts on this:

After lots of  pressure and persuasion Super Star agreed to tell me her thoughts on the subject, too:

Mr. Man lovingly agreed to tell me what he thought even though at the time he had no clue what that was.  After lots of explaining on my part and lots of thinking on his, he finally got the hang of it and was ready to be filmed! He was very pleased at the end when he got to watch the video himself. (These are all his on own answers.)

Anne was thrown into hiding with complete strangers, and they all clashed really badly.  Anne was kind of a drama queen, but somehow she was able to also be serious about getting along with the people she lived with.  Her situation was really hard; I live with 14 people in a huge house, and we fight.  We struggle to get along.  In some ways, everyone has to live by the "laugh and don't bother about others" to survive at all.  Otherwise we'll feel dragged down.

I know I struggle with this and am hurt when others tease me or offend me; but I'm hoping with some practice I can be more like Anne in the sense that she learned to live by this rule.


  1. It was very interesting reading about your thoughts on Anne Frank, Pixie. Very well done!

  2. Wonderful presentation and wonderful concept! Keep up the good work!


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