A Week, Briefly (In Which We Slog through the End of Winter)

Winter came back. We just froze for most of the week, and some of us caught colds. Mostly we're in that late winter mode of slogging through to the end. We'd avoided it before because of the early spring that enlivened February.

And I look forward to more light and life in our days.

It's hard to write about separate days-- they kind of all blur together right now.

Every day we have preschool stories (The 12 Dancing Princesses), chores, and Morning Meeting. We're reading about Christ's final days, and the kids were so very quiet as they listened to and pondered the story of Gethsemane. The spirit witnessed of the truth and power of the atonement.

Every day we break for individual school work. Ladybug had one bad day when she refused to do school, and Little Princess had a breakdown one morning, but otherwise everyone is learning and working well.

One lesson, one story, one page, one chapter, one sentence at a time, we're headed to the ends of our books.

Pixie said, "I only have 1 grammar unit left, so I'll be done with that next week.  I have 21 math lessons, and about 3 weeks worth of science.  Then I'll be done!  I can concentrate on English after that, and I am going to finish my school!!!!"

That slow inching along is rather worthwhile.

Of note this week is the fact that Wednesday was a grayish-cold sort of day, the older girls had an ice skating party, and many of the littles weren't feeling well.  

It could have been a recipe for disaster.

But I had a bin full of new-to-us building toys, and I pulled them out.

The kids played peacefully for 3 hours.

3 HOURS!!!!

That is truly a miracle as we've not had that kind of peace since the "new" kids were placed with us (Sudden realization:  our adoption anniversary is later this month!).

I am thanking Heavenly Father for the tiny, tiny, tiny incremental changes that have been taking place in our family and home to make that possible.


Also of note is the fact that Rose Red was not accepted into the Girls on Ice program.  She'd be disappointed except for the fact that one of her friends has invited her to go to Florida to a surfing camp that very week. 

Sir Walter Scott and I have said yes to her going so long as she does her schoolwork and chores with a cooperative attitude.

She was invited to prom by such a darling boy in such a darling way (he did it with a hockey puck puzzle at the skating rink on Wednesday), but Rose Red will be in California on another outing that very weekend. 

Hooray for the outing!  Bummer that she can't go with the cute boy to prom. :(

Otherwise we've been living and learning, and there's only so much description I am willing to write about grammar worksheets, math problems, and history timelines.

Spring seems to be on the return, so perhaps we'll start living in the out-of-doors again.

In the meantime, I have a couple of hundred miles (not an exaggeration) of driving this weekend getting kids to various parties, church functions, work, and dances.

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  1. Oh, the joy of new building toys and a peaceful 3 hours! What a treasure. I have pulled 'new' toys out of the attic this week that have been up there for a few months so they feel new again. :)

  2. I like your term "slogging"--it resonates with me, as I had reached a point where I thought winter would never end, and now that there are signs of spring, I'm trying to trust that it will actually happen again this year... I have felt "sluggish."

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This will not let me correct my adjective from "sluggish" to "sloggish," despite my best intentions...

  3. So happy that you had three peaceful hours! What a blessing indeed!
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. The realization of little, everyday miracles is marvoulous! So glad you are peaceful and happy.

  5. We've had colds here this week too. Too bad about Rose Red missing out on Girls on Ice but surfing camp in Florida sounds like a pretty good alternative. I know what you mean about only being willing to write so much about grammar, maths etc. If I write too much of that I worry my blog is boring. If I don'the write about it I worry I'll come across as a negligent home schooler who is denying her kid a decent education!


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