A Week, Briefly (#29)

I took my daughters and got out the door for a jog/walk every morning this week.  It has made a tremendous difference in my ability to see clearly and handle the vicissitudes of life.

PE for my girls; anti-depressant for me.


Morning Meeting this week included:

*A family celebration song taught to me by the parent educator at Ladybug's therapy office.  We're singing about one family member each day.
*Article of Faith #3
*I Lived in Heaven
*Isaiah 5:20
*Paragraph 6 of The Family Proclamation
*Mosiah chapters 17-18
*The Clock--a Mother Goose poem
*Bedtime Math

We spent the whole week reading about Joseph--from his coat of many colors to bringing his whole family to Egypt--during Bible story time.

The preschoolers started making homemade books about colors, worked on knowing where their bodies are in space by weaving themselves through this "web," had a sensory experience with colored shaving cream, played on the water table, played in the sandbox, rode their bikes, listened to stories, built with wooden blocks, and made believe all week long.

Working together on a block construction.

Mister Man continued to read our Sonlight reader 1.  He participated in all preschool activities, too.

Ladybug is starting to understand phonics with All About Spelling and The Good and Beautiful level K.  She really gets the concept of word families.  She has to start all over each day with sounding out the initial word family sounds, but once she gets the first one, the rest of them just flow.  She's super-de-duper proud of herself for what she's doing, and it is making a world of difference in her general behavior.  And she loves to do preschool with her brothers.

Little Princess is reading American Girl books--the Molly series this week.  She's done a little bit of grammar and writing via The Good and Beautiful grade 1.  She's getting violin lessons from Pixie, and she was so, so, so excited to get to start actually playing the violin this week!

Nature Angel is also reading American Girl books--Felicity has been her focus.  She's also done some grammar, writing, and spelling via The Good and Beautiful grade 3.  Pixie reports that she's remembering lots from her previous violin lessons, and is flying well through the review work.  She's constantly drawing and crafting, too.

Our music unit in The Family School focused on Beethoven all week with side trips into Arturo Toscanini, Luigi Boccherini, Paul Dukas, and Gioachino Rossini.  We've listened to great music by the hour, and I love it--so do the girls.

Rose Red worked a lot this week!  She's learning how to stay focused and get her school work done.  She's having to do a lot of it alone because she's gone when we're having family school time.

Pixie has been my right-hand-man all week long.  In addition to violin lessons, she's read stories, watched the babies, taken pictures, and helped me set up preschool activities.  She's continued to practice beautiful hairstyles, make-up techniques, and manicures, and we had a conversation this week about cosmetology school . . . she's thinking about it.

Super Star chose to read the Anne of Green Gables series for her independent study this week.  I love it!  Such a nice change from the fantasy novels she's usually immersed in.  I love fantasy, too, but I'm so glad she's spending time with one of my trusted literary "friends."  She's also doing muscle sculpting exercises with Belle most days.

Belle continued to work on her drawing of our house, exercised with Super Star, was a willing model for Pixie's hair and nail practice, did some manicure practice of her own on her littler sisters, and read a contemporary series of books called The Daughters.  I've read the series alongside her, and I'm not impressed.  I asked her why she likes the series so much--especially given the level of bad language (not terribly high but more than enough) and rampant materialism throughout.  We had some good discussions about choosing appropriate reading material, but it turns out she liked seeing how the conflicts between parents and daughters were worked out.  She freely admitted they are not terribly well written.

Pixie, Super Star, and Belle rotated turns babysitting and joining me for daily running.  The ones who get up to babysit get to watch Studio C; the ones who join me have reported increased energy and better spirits.

Now that we're one month away from our spring dance shows, rehearsals have been extended by half an hour.  We're starting to be excited.

We're just about done with The Story of Science: Newton at the Center, and we're continuing to work our way through Augustus Caesar's World in our evening reading.

The babies make us laugh with their toddler antics every day--it is such a blessing to have babies at home!


  1. Mr. Man is getting so big. He doesn't look like a baby anymore. What fun to be at your house with all the activities you do.

  2. Oh, and hooray for Ladybug. She is becoming a reader. Love that big smile. :)

  3. What a fun web activity! We love playing with shaving cream!


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