A Week, Briefly (Not a week off, exactly, but not a school week either)

The cousins arrived at 5:00 am.  Their daddy's surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am, and we live only 20 minutes from the surgery center.  It was a good day as the surgery went well; the cousins all had fun playing; cousin K14 attended early morning seminary with Rose Red and then came back to our house to be more helpful than any 14 year old boy as a right to be!  Even baby M1 was sweet, sweet, sweet all day long.

We rearranged the dining room to hold 20 of us for meals, we included the cousins in our usual morning meeting, and we made it to the library--just me and 3 of the older girls. 

We also learned about an amazing summer camp for teen girls that Rose Red had just enough time to apply for if we worked our tails off and found "teachers" to write recommendations for her.  We did it!  Even if she doesn't get in, it was a wonderful experience for her in filling out applications and essay writing.

My sister came back to our house after dinner to nurse baby M1 and get some rest after being awake since 2:00 am.  We got 3 babies, 4 preschoolers, and 3 elementary aged kids through baths that night (and that was after a bunch of older kids showered in the morning!) and settled in for story time.  It was a little noisier than usual, but we had a good time before tucking in everyone 10 and under while the 11-and-ups broke out a couple of DVDs to watch.  Harry Potter in the basement; Jurassic World in the living room.

I went to bed.

The cousins only spent a half day with us as their daddy was well enough for a morning discharge from the surgery center.  After they left--and we all wish they could have stayed longer--we had a "morning" meeting after lunch, and then re-organized the house.

Our enormous dining room table looks so small set only for 14 now! :)

In the evening Sir Walter Scott took the older 4 girls to New Beginnings at the church.  I'd have gone except I was still recovering from whatever illness had me in its grip that I didn't know was an illness at the time.  All I knew was that unless I had prescription levels of ibuprofen in my system I was shaking, weak, and in pain from head to toe.   The theme was based on this wonderful talk, and the girls came home shining with joyful light.

Mister Man woke up sick with what I'd had for the past 4 days.  I was feeling better.  I was actually relieved to find out it was an illness instead of a chronic condition of exhaustion.  But poor Mister Man was in bad shape--his axillary temps were reading over 103!  (I didn't run a fever, but all of our other symptoms were identical.)

Super Star also woke up feeling ill.  I gave her permission to take a sick day.  She gladly returned to bed with a stack of library books.

I ran Baymax to the doctor's office for a well-baby check and a couple of immunizations.  He's perfect. :)

We had a morning meeting in the afternoon again--minus Super Star and Mister Man.  We did some school (math, scriptures, The Good and Beautiful) and skipped some.  Sir Walter Scott and I worked on our taxes.  It was a kind of off day.

But it was really great to get the news that our brother-in-law and uncle is officially cancer free!  My sister explained, though, that this is only the conclusion of the first chapter.   His cancer is a dreadful type that comes back again and again.  They are studying everything they can get their hands on and making life changes that will help him stay cancer free as long as possible.

Mediation.  The kids' birthparents agreed to sign the consent for termination of parental rights in exchange for contact with the children.  I'm uncomfortable with the plan, but it is what it is.  The adoption is basically a sure thing now.  Instead of rejoicing, I feel tired.  While adoption itself is a happy thing, the road to adoption is anything but joyful.

I don't know how to write more fully about this right now.

The kids and I raced off to our first dance practice of the new semester.  Mister Man stayed home to nap with Sir Walter Scott, who had to go back to work that night.

We had another morning meeting in the late afternoon.  This is becoming a habit!  We began learning the second paragraph of The Family Proclamation.  We like the melody for this paragraph a lot!

For our evening reading we're working our way through some retellings of Greek mythology and V.M Hillyer's A Child's History of Art.  We probably won't get to finish the art book before it has to go back to the library (and it's borrowed via ILL, but we'll enjoy it while we can).

We had morning meeting in the morning!  But it felt weird to start a school week on a Friday, so we just did the essentials--scriptures, math, The Good and the Beautiful.  The day was April warm, so everyone except Mister Man (still sick) spent lots of time outside.

 I cut Brother's and Little Brother's hair. 

Super Star spent her independent study time making a triple chocolate cheesecake.  From terrified of the kitchen to proficient, this girl is really growing!

The oldest girls headed off to a homeschool teen event in the evening--Pancakes and Pajamas.  I'm thankful for our friend who gave the girls a ride there and back.

Nature Angel was my "right hand man" all evening, helping with the littles as she was the oldest kid at home.  She's only 8, so it was exhausting, but she was on her feet with a smile the whole time.  I don't know how to thank her adequately.

Saturday held a few chores and lots of running Little Princess to birthday parties.  At the last one of the day she got to have her face painted.

It's been a draining week.  Next week will have some challenging moments, but I think (hope) it will be less emotional than this one.

Just for fun, here we are at last week's homeschool winter family dance:

7 Princesses, 3 Knights, 1 Peacock, and 1 Troll--just what any proper castle needs!


  1. So happy to hear about your brother-in-law. How exhausting to know it may come back, but how wonderful to hear things are good today. Long distance hugs to your sister and her family. Nature Angle is getting so big. I have to count down the girls and remember the order. I still think of her as such a little girl. And that cake looks fabulous! Longing to have a bite. All your kids are beautiful, but I must say that I noticed Super Star in the picture. She is getting so tall. I'll be excited when you don't have to obscure your new ones faces. I'll have to just imagine the joy in the Son's of Thunder's eyes at being Knights. What fun.

    1. Yes, Rose Red is only taller than Super Star because she's wearing heels. Super Star's legs are longer than Rose Red's and I'm positive Super Star is not done growing. :) I look forward to not having to obscure faces, too--one step less in getting these posts finished each week. :)

  2. What a bunch of beautiful people!

  3. Wow! I'm exhausted reading it all! You must have the energy of three women :)

  4. Wow! I'm exhausted reading it all! You must have the energy of three women :)

    1. Nah . . . Heavenly Father just helps me do what has to be done . . . as He does for us all. I'm exhausted reading other people's blogs; we each have our own work to do.

  5. How wonderful that your brother in laws surgery went so well! Praying he remains cancer free! What a sweet picture of you all! I loved the costumes!


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