Questions About the Year Ahead

(I kind of feel like Mister Man here on Christmas morning--time to pause in my building to assess what to do and what needs to be cleaned up.)

I want to run.

Not away.

I want to run for exercise, for joy, for satisfaction, for setting a good example, for strength, for energy, for reaching a goal.

If I sign up for a local half marathon before tomorrow night, I get the early-bird discount.  The race isn't until October.  I asked Sir Walter Scott if he wanted to join me--to make it something we can do together.  He hemmed and hawed a bit.  He wants to run, but he has the same question I do.

My older girls want to run, too.

How can we do it?

That's one of my questions for the year ahead.

My other questions are:

How do I re-structure our days so that I don't always feel like a pressure-cooker about to explode?

How do Sir Walter Scott and I get to the temple more often?

How do I make time for individual children?

What will we read?

What will school look like?  (I feel a strong need for change.)

Soccer or not?  If not, what will take its place?

How will I cope with meals?  (Thinking about freezer cooking again)

I'm thinking and praying and studying.

I'm trusting the answers will come.


  1. You have great questions on your mind! Some of mine have been similar -
    - Do I have to keep feeding everyone? Yes. So is there a better way to meal plan and prep?
    - What books do I want to go back and read to my younger children that they missed when I read to my older children at younger ages?
    - What is homeschool going to look like for the next few months now that we have baby Tobias in tow? Who needs my focus to move ahead in skills like reading, writing, or math?
    - What are the not-to-be-missed best things to do in our family during this winter?
    - What will we do to balance things if the surgeries I suspect are coming for Mason get scheduled?

    1. Oooh! You've got some fun questions (books) and some hard ones (coping with surgeries). I pray we both get the answers we need!

      Sometimes I wish I could stop feeding everyone--not as a punishment or from a desire to starve them all, just as a break from the work. When I only have 6 or 7 kids to feed, we break out paper plates and hot dogs sometimes! It feels like a vacation!

      Here's to joyful mealtimes for us all. :)

  2. Yes, the answers will come... Your correction of wanting to run made me laugh.

    1. I worried that not correcting it would sound bad. :)


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