A Week, Briefly (Merry Christmas!)

We had school for the big girls on Monday and Tuesday in order to finish up our history unit--we briefly covered the Peloponnesian wars and Alexander the Great's life.

We made gingerbread cookies.

We played outside in the mild air (now it is cold, but it wasn't earlier this week).

I ran too many errands.

Ladybug and I had a PCIT training session.

We played Spirograph.

We finished Winnie the Pooh and started Owls in the Family.  I cannot say enough good about Owls in the Family--even the teens are laughing aloud at this one.  And I have to add that this is the first time we've ever finished reading Winnie the Pooh aloud because the kids have always made me stop before.  Something was right this time, and everyone from 4 to 15 was enamored of the adventures of Pooh in their written form.

We finished Wonder and began The Screwtape Letters as well.  Both books are treasures.  Wonder affected us all with a sense of joy and love for our fellow man.  The Screwtape Letters is keeping us on our toes and inspiring us to think hard about our actions.

We put on our at home Nativity play.

We read about the Savior's birth, life, death, and resurrection.

We decorated the Christmas tree.

We gave presents.

We ate treats.

We performed and recorded small acts of kindness--we put them in a gift box for Jesus.

It was a week of both the profound and the mundane, and it was a week of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. I'll have to give 'Owls in the Family' a try...

  2. I have never heard of Owls in the Family but it sounds like something my children would enjoy.

    Merry Christmas!


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