A Week, Briefly (Lots and lots of baby pictures)

Newly home from the hospital--that's one proud big brother!

The older 4 girls did all of the cooking for the week.

Monday morning J11 made french toast for us--it took 3 full loaves of bread and over a dozen eggs.  She was tired but proud of her accomplishment.

Oddly warm weather on Tuesday  lured the kids outside a lot.  They flew paper airplanes off the back deck for hours at a time.

Dad took the 7 ambulatory kids to a new park for the afternoon on Wednesday.  The kids came home raving about what a great park it is.

As they tried to come home from the park, the transmission cable on our van gave out.  (It had been threatening to do that for a long time.)  Everyone was stuck at a near by gas station until AAA, Baby L and I, and some friends from church could come pick everybody up and transport them home/the auto shop.  S12 entertained herself by painting this mustache on herself with melted chocolate chips from the snack mix they'd taken to the park.

Baby L had his first appointment with the doctor.  He's perfect except for one thing--he's tongue tied, so we're having lots of feeding troubles.  Our nurse practitoner refused to clip it, preferring to "wait and see"  (an attitude I usually appreciate).  However I've been spending 12-14 hours a day actively engaged in keeping our boy fed--and he's been crying from hunger and frustration for long, long periods of time.  (I'm giving our office one more chance to reconsider before I seek a 2nd opinion elsewhere.  Nursing should not be this hard.)
 That night included church activities for the older 4, so Dad took them in the little car.  I managed okay on my own with the younger 4--but didn't give anyone a bath. :)

When cold weather returned, the kids had lots of free time to choose indoor activities.

H5 managed to round up enough enthusiastic players for a couple of rounds of Sorry! 

On Thursday the girls had their first American Rhythm rehearsal of the new semester--Dad could only take the 4 older girls in the little car because the van was still in the shop.

 Then there was the homeschool Winter Family Dance on Friday night.  The van wasn't fixed, because the mechanic was waiting for a part to be delivered, but he managed to do enough of a temporary fix for Dad to pick it up and drive all of the girls to the dance.  I3 and Baby L stayed home with me for pizza and a movie. 




J11--she didn't find a dress she liked, so she got creative with other clothing.  I like her funky outfit. :)


The kids love this picture of Baby L--looks like he's sick and tired of having his picture taken!
It rained on Saturday, so we hunkered down at home and watched a movie as a family--The Sandlot.  I don't know if we've ever enjoyed a movie so much as that one!  We've all been quoting it ever since.

That night E14 got to attend a charity fashion show with a friend, and M12 had a babysitting job.  I was exhausted from the never-ending feedings it takes to try to nourish our newest boy, so I went off to bed shortly after 6 pm to nurse him, and both of us managed to fall asleep for a precious 2.5 hours, so Dad handled bedtime and waiting up for our oldest girls. 

The kids are handling the household work rather well, but they've begun to ask for school.  S12 made me laugh by claiming total exhaustion after preparing one family meal.  "Are you this tired after cooking?" she asked me as she slumped down in her chair.  I just smiled, grateful for a bit of understanding.  Until Baby L can nurse effectively, though, school is impossible, so let's hope I can find some help in the week ahead.


  1. Baby is beautiful, you are beautiful, and your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Our second little one was tongue-tied, and our (late) pediatrician also refused to clip it - he was always very wait-and-see, which, as you say, is normally wonderful. But we eventually had to go to another ped to get it clipped (baby had ended up as bottle fed for several months due to the tie), and it was definitely a case where waiting and watching wasn't the right thing. I hope that your little guy improves without clipping, and if he does need to have it clipped that the right person turns up soon!

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. So fun to see new baby pictures. Congrats!

  3. So fun to see new baby pictures. Congrats!

  4. Wow, I love all the pictures! I would be back in that doctor's office first thing in the morning explaining that you know how nursing works and that your sweet baby needs that tongue clipped NOW. Crazy doc! Get rest when you can. So glad the older girls are helping so well!

  5. Thanks for comments and encouragement. :) When I called the dr's office back and explained that all was not well, we got an instant positive response. I was both sad and encouraged to move forward with the clipping procedure when we weighed him and found that he'd lost weight that week. Baby L had his tongue tie clipped yesterday afternoon (but it was rather traumatic!). We'll see how it goes in the coming days.

  6. Beautiful pics of that precious baby and the other children! I will be praying for the baby and for you !


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