A Week, Briefly (#18)

This week will forever be remembered in our house as the week the baby didn't come.

During the week the older girls did the barest of basics for school each day:  personal scripture study, reading journals, and math.  The little guys were free to immerse themselves in creative play . . . and they reveled in it.

 Every day (except Monday) we went on some sort of outing to keep me from going crazy--I've never been pregnant so long before!

Over the weekend Dad, S12, and I fell victim to the stomach bug the rest of the family had last week.  So on Monday we recuperated.  I had irregular contractions all day.  The littles were busy, busy, busy playing, but I wasn't really tuned in to what they were doing.  At one point as I passed the dining room I noticed a puppet show going on:

I was intrigued, so I stepped into the room to get a better shot, and I discovered that they'd spent the morning creating "Fun Land."

"Pupit" theater.

Animal play area

Reading area

Trains and peg building areas

Cars area

I Spy

Spirographs and supplies

Doll play area

Self-serve ticket booth
 It was lunch time when I made my discovery, so immediately after lunch, the whole family went to Fun Land for an hour or so.

It became a day that I was really glad "regular school" didn't get in the way of real learning and family together time.

Tuesday:  We spent Grandma's Christmas money on going out to dinner and a movie as a family.  We also visited our new cousin--who was due to be born the same day as our baby.  She's perfect and beautiful. 

Wednesday:  Dad and I went to the temple.  We set the goal of attending the temple once each month this year, so even though I was having contractions and insane hot flashes, off we went--hoping that I'd be in proper labor by the time the session was over.  We attracted much attention from keen-eyed older women who could tell something was up, but we arrived home not any different from when we started.

We also went for my weekly appointment with my midwife who, based on the whopper of a contraction I had while she was measuring me, checked my dilation and discovered that at 39+ weeks I'm sitting at 2 cm and 80% effaced.  This is horrifying for me because I've never once before been less than 4 cm by 36 weeks.  As it has taken me at least 2 weeks to go from 4 to delivery for all 5 of my previous deliveries, I'm discouraged and terrified that I'm going to be pregnant for another month or more. 

This pregnancy and birth is quite different from what I'm used to, and I have no idea what to expect at all in the coming days.  It will be an all new learning experience.

And this is officially my longest pregnancy ever.  Will it end?

I drowned my fears in helping the little girls sew stuffed dolls with their Christmas sewing kits:

Thursday:  We drove to IKEA to walk and walk and walk.  It was fun, and the kids found some treasures, and Dad and I found some items to put on our wish list, but all it did was tire me out.

In the afternoon, while the older girls did some school work, I cleaned out the van, rearranged the car seats and booster seats we currently use, and installed the baby's car seat.  This is not because baby seems to be coming any time soon, but because I3 needs time to get used to his new place in the van before baby's arrival.

The little guys spent hours and hours enjoying the box the car seat came in:

Friday:  We went to the zoo.  We walked the whole thing.  My belly hurt, but the pain was not caused by proper contractions.

Saturday:  During the night A7 woke crying and coughing with terrifying stridor.  It took a good half hour to get her breathing comfortably again, during which time I debated and tried to work out the logistics of getting her to the ER.  Eventually our efforts at home worked, and she slept with me the rest of the night (Dad was at work) with a humidifier running.  This morning I can hear that I3 has a hoarse voice, H5 is coughing intermittently, A7 says her throat hurts, and I'm feeling exceptionally watchful.

I think I'm glad baby isn't here to catch whatever it is the other kids have right now.  The only question is, will he try to come when I'm dealing with multiple kids with breathing issues all while Dad is at work?

E14 gets to attend her first Cinderella Ball--a church-sponsored formal dance/seminary devotional.  She's got a gorgeous gown to wear, and one of the other teen girls is having a big pre-ball make-up/hair/dressing party at her house this afternoon, then her parents are going to take all of the girls to and from the dance together. 

I hope the whole night is magical for her.

It is hard for me to call this week 18 of school, as it doesn't seem much like a school week, but we did a whole lot of life learning, so I will let the title rest.


  1. What a week! I'm very impressed! We're dealing with a cold over here too (following a stomach bug, too!), so it seems that we're all on the same schedule.

    Hoping to hear baby news soon!! :)

  2. What a week! I dread the end of pregnancy because those contractions can last for weeks with no baby having the decency to come out. Praying all your sickies get well quickly. The breathing issues are so scary. Do you have a nebulizer and albuterol to do your own breathing treatments at home as a step before heading to the ER?
    I firmly believe real life counts every bit as much as academics so count this week. Your children are learning so many things including the important lessons of family life. ((HUGS))

  3. I LOVE the Fun Land pics! That was just so cute! Real life absolutely counts for school sometimes much more than any books can. Isn't funny how every pregnancy can be so different from the others? Praying everyone in your home gets well and stays well and that little one arrives soon!

  4. What creative children, developing a complete Fun Land! I'm considering how famous we will all be if you are right and the baby NEVER comes out... Plan B (I must always have a Plan B): Prepare for notoriety...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That is hilarious!!! I couldn't have laughed at it this morning, so I'm glad I didn't see it until now. :)

  5. Just thinking of you and praying you have a great week.


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