To Everything There is a Season

I have officially given up my summer plans.

That stack of 50+ library books all about plants--project books, history books, herbals, recipe books, etc.--all returned.

Well, except one.  I still have 2 weeks to hold on to Apologia's Exploring Creation with Botany, and I can't quite bring myself to return it early just in case the opportunity to do a lesson or two presents itself.  (It is hard to give up!)

We haven't done one day of sketching.
We've only managed two nature outings.
It turns out that our local lake only allows swimming at a certain beach and only during certain hours of the day, and there's an entry fee--per person!

We're not even going on our blueberry picking outing with Daddy this morning because we had a new church family over for dinner last night, and the evening was so fun that we all stayed up until hours past all of our bedtimes, and we're all exhausted and sleeping in, and it's raining this morning anyway.

We spend our days as if it were 32 degrees and cloudy out instead of 85 degrees and sunny--in the house, reading, playing games, cooking.  The kids don't go out unless I do.  And I'm doing very well just to take care of meals (unless the kids do!), keep up with the laundry, and be available to read stories to small people.

I have to fight the urge to complain.

We are housebound for the very best of reasons.

And I must remember to count my blessings . . . 1, 2,  3 . . . 1,000,004 . . .

This quiet, indoor summer is not what I dreamed of, not what I planned for, not what I wanted.  But it is what we have.  We're growing a baby (we're so hoping to hear a heartbeat tomorrow), we're completing adoption paperwork, we're doing fix-it projects, we're living very quietly after completing one full school year with another one coming up.

And a new month started today. 

Perhaps there are adventures . . . fun ones! . . . right around the corner.


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