More Thinking for Early 2014

Thinking Aloud Item #8:
I want to set aside one afternoon each week for service.  We might pick up trash at a park, visit someone in need of company, write letters, make cookies for neighbors, or . . . I don't know . . . seek inspiration as it comes.

I don't serve much beyond the walls of my own home.  I know that serving my family is truly good work.  But I think my kids need the opportunity to see me reach further, so that they can reach further, too.

Back to #6:
I'm really thinking hard about the "mom-school" idea in conjunction with the new homeschool group.

One idea is to use Mathematicians Are People, Too--one story and a hands-on math "play" session to follow.

Another idea is to use Magic Tree House books as a guide for classes.

Another is a bread-making class.

Could I really do this?

How hard would it be?  Too hard?  Just hard enough?

Thinking Aloud Item #9:
I'm making chore charts/schedules/lists for the new house.  We've been here for 3 weeks now, and I'm starting to get vague ideas about what needs to be done and when.  It is much more house than we used to have.  So much more to love and care for.  I spent 2 hours yesterday poring over house cleaning blogs researching various tips and plans.  The one thing I'm positive about is that the living room and entry hall have to be vacuumed at least once a day.

Thinking Aloud Item #10:
We need to get out into nature again!  We have woods here--in our yard--that the kids are playing in.  The little creek has been frozen, and the kids "ice skate" on it. But I want to get out with the kids, too.  I went out sledding (we have the best hill!) on Christmas Eve with them, but I mean getting out regularly and often.  Walking, looking, touching, collecting, drawing, thinking, talking. 

I used to schedule outings once a week, but what about once a day?  Even if life gets in the way and we only get out twice a week, that's a lot!!

Kids are waking.  There's food to fix and errands to run. 

And I'm searching for a great way to celebrate New Year's Eve at home--just me and the kids because Daddy has to work.


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