Geography--In the Middle of Life

We moved into our new house just over a week ago. 

We didn't have internet service for a full week.

We spend nearly half our time up at the old house finishing up the work that is needed to make a small house that used to hold a large family look good to the general public.  The other half of our time is spent driving to and from the old house . . . and sleeping.  And no one is getting enough sleep these days. 

Soon, soon, we'll be able to find a rhythm to a life desirable.

Right now we're in survival mode.

Internet service was installed a few days ago.  Then we found out our computer is NOT wi-fi compatible.   So we ran errands and found the part that would allow our computer to pick up the signal that is now filling our house.

Then we hooked it up.

Daddy did it.

And when Daddy plays on the computer you can bet there are either sports updates or maps on the screen.  On this first day of internet access there were maps.  A6, H4, and I2 (he had a birthday in recent weeks) climbed onto Daddy's lap and said, "Show me the Great Wall of China."

Daddy obliged.  But first he took them to see the Eiffel Tower.  Then they found the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  They looked at deserts, oceans, islands, and cities.  They talked and looked and listened and learned for well over an hour.

We haven't had "school" in our house for weeks.  I ache to remedy that situation, and I can see a light at the end of this survival mode tunnel.  While I work and wait my heart fills with gratitude that learning doesn't only take place in formal lessons.  In fact, I think the very best learning happens when someone asks a question and someone else helps find an answer.

What a blessing is a Daddy who loves maps!


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