We've jumped in with both feet into NaNoWriMo.  I've heard about if for a few years, but thought it was for older kids.  Then a friend in our homeschool group posted a link to the NaNoWriMo workbooks, and I realized it was for all ages!

Yesterday [I should have done it earlier] I introduced the program to the girls and reviewed the elements of plot and assigned them to develop their main characters.  We opened up their NaNoWriMo accounts and tried to figure out an appropriate word count goal [we're opting for a very conservative 10,000 words each].

E12 is quite nervous.  She says she's only doing this because she has to.  My reply:  "You don't realize what a good writer you are.  You have a marvelous voice and sense of rhythm.  This will stretch you and perhaps open your eyes to your own talent."  She huffed and walked away, but she has complained rather less since then.

M10, S10, and J8 are thrilled.  They spent their free time filling out their worksheets about character.  They chattered non-stop about their plots all through dinner, and M10 came to me asking me for more worksheets . . . pleeeeeeeeze?  She helped bathe the baby, put away laundry, and vacuum the living room rug so that I would have more free time to go down to the computer and print.

Which reminds me that I'd better follow through!

There is so much literary excitement in my house that I find myself wishing I could sign up, too.  Really, that dream will have to wait to become a reality as this is not my season. 

But the vicarious thrill is almost as sweet!


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