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A Week, Briefly (4/12/21)

 This week was mostly about Pixie.   I think you have to be a mom whose kids have left home and then come back for a visit to understand what the week was like.   I know I could imagine but not understand the fun and feelings before it happened to me.    The kids reveled in just being near her.   We had a marshmallow roast that resulted in much hilarity.   One evening after the boys had their baths, they found Pixie on the front porch and took goofy selfies together.   Five of the oldest girls went out to the movies together . . . and took bathroom selfies. 😂 We had a proper family portrait session with a professional photographer (photos to come in a couple of weeks). And we did a lot of sitting around having long conversations.   It was good. She's back at school, and after several mishaps, she's ready for the semester to begin on Monday morning. Through it all, we had therapy and school. Beowulf's head CT came out normal. Coupled with his normal blood test results, he i

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