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A Week, Briefly (10/4/21)

Brother is doing much better.   Beowulf is doing much worse.   I'm sad.   I'm scared.   I'm full of questions.   Every day our babies come over, and every day I hold them and feel them fill my soul with peace . . . or at least bring me down from the ledge I feel I'm standing on.   Even though it's so much work, I think the babies are good for all of us.   Ladybug and Brother did 4 days of math lessons. Baymax did 5. Mister Man did 3. Brother did 1. Lola did 1 reading lesson.   Little Princess worked a lot on math and chemistry and calculated that she's "right on schedule" in language arts.   A chemistry experiment                     Photo credit:  Little Princess   Nature Angel is still working on Unit 2 of her language arts, but she's putting so much lovely work into it, that I cannot fault her.  Every day she puts her whole being into getting her work done as well as serving in our home and taking care of babies. Belle applied for a few generic

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