A Week, Briefly (3/19/18)

It's Saturday morning, but it feels like a weekday.  I keep checking the clock and mentally reviewing what our schedule will be, and then I pause and shake my head as I realize that our schedule won't include school, but it will include a thousand other things that must be done.

*Our little babysitting friends will be here in 20-ish minutes.
*I need to make a menu for the week.
*Drop off salad for 50 for the memorial service of a church member by 10 am
*Pixie's off to ballet class
*Finish the housing/schooling/car use contract for Rose Red (that should have been done last week, but I've hit road blocks).
*Organize everyone through Saturday chores to prepare for the Sabbath
*Finish up my Relief Society lesson for tomorrow
*Put soaked beans in the crock pot--with some veggies that still need to be chopped
*Thaw ground beef for dinner
*Help Little Princess finish her primary talk on "Jesus Christ is our Savior"
*The teens are all headed out the door for the evening at 3 pm.  They're driving an hour north to help their cousin get ready for her first ever make-up-and-high-heels church dance.  Then they're attending the dance with her.  That means they'll be gone, and I'll have 10 kids 11 and under to care for into the dinner hour alone--but it will drop to my usual 8 through bedtime.

It's supposed to be rainy and cold all day.

Honestly, I'd rather have a school day before me.


Now I'm complaining.

I am blessed with home, family, food, warmth, comfort, and opportunity to serve.  I'm constantly reminding my kids to stop and recognize their blessings.  I should do the same myself!!!

Some blessings this week include:

*Rose Red and I got her passport application completed, paid for, and sent away.  She's going to the Bahamas this summer with friends, and the passport was her birthday present from her dad and me.

*Pixie started dance classes back up after the school spring break.  She fairly glowed with joy, saying, "Oh!  I missed it so much!  It is so good to be back!"

*Co-op is going well, and we're listening to The Hobbit on audio book on the drive up and back (22 miles one way!  Closer co-ops are either too structured or won't let us in because we're LDS instead of mainstream Christian).  While I'm positive the  kids are only hearing and understanding a fraction of what is read aloud, they are so enjoying what they can.

*We had a dance performance this week at a senior lunch program.  We danced while the seniors ate.  It was low-key and fun because there was no changing room, so we just wore our black-and-whites with accessories, and they seemed to really like it.  One delightful gentleman pulled one of our moms aside and said, "Next time, don't come on hot dog day; it doesn't draw much of a crowd.  Try for pork chop day next time you come."  She thanked him for his advice, and then we all laughed, laughed, laughed when she told the rest of us the story.  They want us back . . . and we may hold out for pork chop day next year!

photos courtesy of our dance director

* I printed up a behavior-modification chart for Ladybug.  While I am firm about her obedience, I am trying to be merciful about what she can and can't do.  She managed to get stickers for two days this week.  I hope I am balancing justice and mercy enough for her to learn and succeed.

*Nature Angel finished Analytical Grammar, Jr.  She is sooooo happy to be done with both math and grammar!  She's racing through another science book right now, and I caught her twice moping around "bored."  While she's usually quite good at finding new ways to learn and grow on her own, I may have to step in and help her over the hump.

*Pepper's visit to the vet for what we thought was blood in her urine turned out to be only too many porphyrins.  The vet was incredibly kind and clipped her nails (simultaneously teaching us how to do it ourselves) free of charge.  He spent time with us, teaching and reassuring Nature Angel that she is taking very good care of her bunny.

*The rainy, cold start to the week gave us a chance to stay indoors and work hard on the teens' study of Chariots of Fire, but then the sun came out and gave Sir Walter Scott lots of hours to work on our chicken coop.  We managed an errand to the farm store for all of the paraphernalia we'll need for chicks, and we ordered our chicks from a breeder.  They're due to arrive on April 4th.

*Belle planted our lettuces, peas, and beans in our garden.  Mister Man planted beans in eggshells for a science experiment.

*I found out that Super Star has been engaging in some unhealthy online behaviors.  I grounded her from her phone and computer for a month to break the habits.  She was angry at first, but I'm seeing lovely changes in her, and she's been kind about acknowledging feeling better.  She's even done extra chores around the house, and I've tried to expressively acknowledge her goodness.

*It was spring break for the local schools, so my teens got to attend a bonfire party with some of their friends.

*Pixie had her first date with a boy who has been delightfully persistent about wanting to take her out!  Schedule conflicts have prevented this date until now.  She's not yet awake, so I don't know how it went, but she's such a good sport about looking on the bright side, that I'm sure I'll get a glowing review in a few hours.

*Sir Walter Scott is succeeding in his first CNP class.  He rarely gets to bed before midnight, but he's holding on.

*Leif the Lucky finally arrived via inter-library loan.  We wanted to read it for Academy a few weeks ago when we finished up Viking Tales, but we take what we can get when we get it.  The kids are reveling in reviewing and remembering Erik the Red and Leif.

*We started In Grandma's Attic for Academy, and the kids love the stories.

*We finished the 3rd quarter of Mystery of History 3 in Symposium, and we're officially halfway through our Spanish curriculum.  We also started Frankenstein for our book club.

*The littles have all memorized our address.  It is hilarious to hear Lola and Baymax recite it--right down to our zip code.  We've also memorized "Work," our second poem in First Language Lessons, and we're working on our third.  Right now they're memorizing my name and cell number, and we're practicing what to do if they get lost.

*We memorized 1 Nephi 3:7, and we've started 2 Nephi 2:25 during Morning Meeting.  We're also making progress through the story of the Israelites as they wander for 40 years.  We're comparing their complaints to our own and seeking ways to be more obedient.

*Both Super Star and Little Princess are speaking in church tomorrow, and I'm teaching.  It has been a week of much preparation.

It is supposed to be rainy and cold today.  We borrowed a copy of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers from the library, and we'll probably watch it this afternoon when the teens leave.  Kids are getting up, and our little babysitting friends arrived nearly half an hour ago.  I've spent too long on the computer already.

Time to start Saturday!

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  1. Your day sounds like it is going to be a whirlwind! I hope it runs smoothly. It sounds like wonderful learning going on all around. I am so glad the bunny is okay. We are getting ready to read the Hobbit soon...I hope. The year seems to be taking on a life of it's own and I am just hanging on for the ride. I need to regain control of what I want to be teaching.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I know what you mean about the year taking on a life of its own. Sometimes the life is better than what I had planned--like our current level of memorizing in Academy--and sometimes it just feels out of control. From what I read on your blog, your kids' education looks wonderful!

  2. What a busy day! I'm glad you said it, but it makes me sad to hear that you are excluded from a co op for being LDS . . . I understand why some people want statements of faith to make sure everyone is on the same page. However, I wish that similar values were more important than identical doctrinal beliefs . . . I'm happy to be part of a local group that is inclusive. We don't all share as much in common maybe, but we can help each other grow as homeschoolers and people with our individuals strengths.

    1. We are blessed to be part of an inclusive co-op. I was really sad and shocked, too, by the attitude of the particular co-op that excluded us--it would have been such a good fit for my family had they been willing to allow us to participate, but we're okay otherwise. I'm just a baby about driving more than 10 miles to get anywhere! :). We live in the Bible belt, and I find that we are beautifully loved and welcomed and encouraged by Christians of all practices. I learn much from my friends of other/similar/related faiths, and this aberration is just that--an aberration. I do not judge all people based on the director of one small homeschool co-op. And I agree that there is so much to be gained by learning from one another's individual strengths!

  3. I love that Rose Red is going to the Bahamas, but I hate that you were discriminated against in that co-op. You wouldn’t want them as friends anyway, especially if their kids are being taught to discriminate that way. Out of my three kids, Annalise is vehemently against being homeschooled, Krystal is totally for it (it would be great for her as well), and Russell is indifferent although with his level of genius, it would benefit him a lot too. I’m pretty sure we would be looked at funny too, as we aren’t mainstream Christians. (Not LDS either). But Houston is a very diverse city with every race, religion, and ethnicity. So, we can play it by ear.

    1. Also with one in school, we might be looked at funny.

    2. While we do have to drive farther than I like, our homeschool group is wonderfully inclusive. We have an incredibly diverse group of friends, and we have families that are part homeschooled, part public schooled, and nobody bats an eyelash. I'm sure you can find the same in Houston.

  4. So many wonderful things going on! Bahamas! How long will she be gone?

  5. Yay for chickens! We will be adding more chicks in a few weeks. It really is a great learning experience and easy for children to care for. How exciting that your girl is going to the Bahamas! Behavior issues is one thing I am really struggling with with my youngest. I am trying to find a balance of mercy and discipline. I wish I could figure out the triggers for her meltdowns and how to better help her cope with them. We are working on some new things. It amazes me that no matter how many children you have they are all such unique individuals. I hope you have a great week!

  6. I have a friend who doesn’t like to drive, but he lives in a rural area. However, when my little cousin passed, my parents and I drove out there together and decided at the last minute not to attend the funeral and drove back without me. I had to get a flight, which landed in Houston at midnight. This friend who hates driving actually drove 50 miles to pick me up from the airport at midnight, and for him that was huge.

    1. They drove back without me, I insisted on attending.


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