A Week, Briefly (12/18/17)

No, we are not on a break from school . . . at least for the 10-and-under set . . . and even some of the teens are still working away, catching up on one subject here or another subject there.

It isn't because we're work-aholics.

It's because in the anticipation of Christmas, my littles need an anchor, and school-time is that anchor.

On Wednesday we had Morning Meeting (of course--that's a given!) but skipped Academy when I'd been thwarted in my grocery shopping plans one too many days, and I needed to keep my promise to small people to have a gift-wapping help session with them.

Even though we kept all other routines in place--meals, outdoor play, language video, outdoor play, baths, evening reading . . . everything--the afternoon and evening were difficult . . .

if I'm honest, every evening is difficult, but Wednesday was more difficult than usual.

It's birthday season at our house, too, and we got these extremely cool building toys.  Every member of the family likes playing with them.  The kids are under orders to keep them out of their hair, but Pixie couldn't resist using the top of Brother's head (and his very short, very curly hair) to make an Iron Man "mask" for him.  He wore it for hours!

I made absolute sure to have Academy on Thursday, and we returned to our usual homeostasis.

So, today is Friday, and the kids know that tomorrow is our Christmas Eve.  You can bet that I'm going to bend over backwards to make sure that we get to have Morning Meeting, One-on-One School Time, and Academy today.  The temperature is dropping dramatically as I write, so we may have a family Christmas movie in the late afternoon, but only if it will bring peace.  Peace matters right now. 

We have faithfully invited the Christmas spirit into our home through our Advent Academy readings, writings, drawings, memorizations, and discussions.  Not one Academy day has passed that I have not felt profound gratitude for Christ as I've led the kids in our studies.  I can tell they've felt His spirit, too, because they get so quiet and focused--much more so than during an ordinary Academy time.

Even Pixie, who does not attend Academy, said she felt a peaceful spirit in our home this year that was missing from past Christmas seasons.

How grateful I am for the blessing of peace accompanying our joy and anticipation!

*We've had 4 Morning Meetings with a 5th scheduled for this morning. 
*We've had 3 Academies with a 4th scheduled for today.
*We didn't manage any Symposiums, but we did have a The Best Christmas Pageant Ever reading marathon.  We now know it so well that the older kids have started quoting it as I read!
*We had One-on-One School Time twice this week, and I hope to fit in another session today.  Ladybug is reading!  And actually, so is Brother!  And even little Beowulf sounded out the word m-a-n this week and recognized what he did.  His eyes lit up like . . . well, like Christmas!

Mister Man didn't do much academic work this week as he's still been feeling weak.  He's had a whole week without vomiting, but he's worn out with just trying to eat enough to put some weight back on.  He has read a dozen or more library books, and just last night he rejoiced when we found Mother West Wind's Children on a crowded bookshelf.  "I love this book!  I've missed this book!  I am so glad to find this book!" he kept saying as he clutched it to his chest.

The littles have spent a great deal of time watching me work in the kitchen.  They line up stools and kitchen chairs on the outside of the kitchen island and watch and comment and question endlessly.

Lola was sent to a time-out on the stairs after we caught her jumping on the lap top (yes, you read that right--jumping on the lap top!).  Super Star checked on her not 3 minutes later and found her asleep on the stairs!!!

The littles and I finished reading The Railway Children, and we've begun Little House on the Prairie

The teens and I managed 2 nights of reading The Keeper of the Bees.

In addition, the teens have attended Christmas parties and gone caroling; Nature Angel and Little Princess attended their Activity Day events at church; and the rest of the kids and I have kept quietly to home.

We skipped our holiday baking this year.  While I am sorry to not share with friends, it never felt like a wise use of our time.  I hope that the gift-giving we have done in small, secret ways is more meaningful than delivering yet another plate of treats. 

And perhaps we can do something special at an unexpected time!

I'm ready for Christmas . . . though I don't think I'm ready for Christmas to be over.

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  1. I pray you have a peaceful Christmas. For years that was our top goal as well. It was often not achieved, but like you are finding, having a beautiful advent helped.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Routine is so essential for some kids (and entire families), isn't it? Praying you have peace through Christmas and into the new year!

  3. When my daughter was a toddler and I’d pick her up, there was always the same kid asleep in time out lol. Methinks that’s why he acted out.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and all your amazing family. May the peace of the season carry on well into next year.

  5. This year Christmas came and went even faster than usual (there were extenuating circumstances, of course!), but there was a peace here, even in the midst of all the materialism and busyness, that I haven't experienced before. I'm glad it's over but am always profoundly grateful that the celebration of Christ's birth continues in full force.

  6. We're working on Little House on the Prairie, too, but you'll finish long before we do. Daddy only reads some of the nights that he's home, and he's gone quite a bit, so we'll be prairie bound for-ever. I'm not enjoying it this time around for some reason.


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