Assessment 2017--Mister Man

What do I write about a really bright kid other than he's really bright? 

I've not tested him, but he's reading novels (voluntarily and voraciously) that appear on lots of 3rd-6th grade reading lists, so I say confidently that he's a good reader.  He remembers what he reads, and he understands it based on the narrations he follows me around sharing.

He intuits math concepts before I even think about teaching them to him.

He memorizes math facts almost faster than I can present them.

He both follows directions included in his Snap Circuits kit to build pre-designed circuits and invents his own successful circuits.

He plays make-believe.
He invents with building toys.
He makes astute observations on our nature walks.
He revels in outdoor play.

His gross-motor skills are not as strong as his fine-motor, but he's long and gangly, and his bones seem to be growing faster than his skin or his muscles, so he aches a lot.

He delights in everything!

Seriously, he lives in a state of constant delight--sunrise, birds, books, meals, Legos, fireflies, snowflakes, raindrops, mud, flowers, insects, clouds--for Mister Man everything is a reason to rejoice.

He delivered a brief talk in primary a few weeks ago.  Afterwards, a woman who heard it came up to him and asked, "How old are you?"

"Five," he answered.

"I thought you were ten!" the woman exclaimed.  "You did such a good job!  I can't believe you're 5 years old!  That's amazing!"

He needs lots of quiet time--like his mom. :)
He needs lots of sleep.
He needs lots of people to listen to him express the ideas that are constantly running through his active brain.
He needs some help to remember to be kind to those who don't think as quickly or as thoroughly as he does.

Not always, but sometimes.

His pencil grip makes me nuts.  He uses all 4 fingers along the length of the pencil.  We've used pencil grips, and we work with him to help him use a "correct" grip, but he defaults to his preferred grip. 

I'm thinking I'll not worry about it, as his penmanship is beyond his years.

He's a classic little brother--thinks it's hilarious to make his teenage sisters squeal.
He's a loving, protective big brother--caring astutely for his 4 younger siblings.

He's a delight in every way.


  1. These assessments will be such lovely moments for your children to read when they are older.


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