A Week, Briefly (In Which We Live Quietly [If You Can Call the Noises 14 People Make "Living Quietly"])

Christmas Day




It was joyful from beginning to end.

Our preschool book of the week is Room for a Little One.  The preschoolers are fine with it, but one of the older kids asked, "Christmas?  Why Christmas when Christmas is over?"

"Because we worship Christ at all times," I answered.

There wasn't much she could say other than, "I guess that's true . . ."

Though changes are coming next week, Morning Meeting continues much the same in this last week of 2016.  It was our review day for The Living Christ, and now that we have it memorized, I find myself grieving that we won't be singing it every school day in the coming year.  I've found some new songs to memorize, but even though they are scripture, they don't have the same beauty and grace of The Living Christ songs.

We had friends over to visit--former neighbors whom we love.  We hadn't visited in over a year, but when they walked through the door, it was just like old times.

Good neighbors are a blessing.

We played indoors and out--the Playmags, the pogo stick, and the new jump ropes got the most use.

Wonderful creative, constructive, healthy play all day.

Little Princess pulled out her beeswax candle rolling kit and made 6 beautiful candles.  

In the evening we took a vote, and King Arthur was kicked off our reading list.  When Mister man protested, I assured him he could continue it one-on-one with me.  He received this news with an actual shudder of delight.

Instead we read the first 50 pages of Mary Poppins, and everyone loved it.

Another visit to the chiropractor for me.  Hooray!  I'm healing!

The day passed in a blur . . . warm temperatures meant the littles played outside for hours on end, and came happily inside for homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Rose Red found out she earned a "C" in her Spanish class.  This is reason to celebrate!  It was a huge challenge for her, and she earned every point by blood, sweat, and tears.  She now has 8 college credits to call her own (5 from this class and 3 from the speech class she took last year).

Mister Man is building circuits every day with his Christmas gift of Snap Circuits. 

Ladybug, Mister Man, and Brother finished Henry Huggins with me.  The dilemma over Ribsy's ownership really affected Mister Man.  He wanted to talk about it for a while afterward.  He feels an injustice was done to Ribsy's original owner.

We ended the day with more Mary Poppins.  I only stopped when my eyes were too heavy to keep open any more. :)

We read Room for a Little One.
We had Morning Meeting.
We played.

We sewed.
We read.
We cooked.
We cleaned.
We went outside to climb trees, jump on the pogo stick, run, and laugh.
We read The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel.
We started reading A Bear Called Paddington.
We continued reading Mary Poppins.
We prayed.
We sang.
We watched movies.
We ate by candlelight a few times.
We napped.
We argued and apologized.
We stared at computer screens.
We talked about taking down the Christmas tree (today--absolutely, firmly, today!).
We shopped.

It's been a full week of good living.


  1. Isn't this week between holidays such a vortex? Sometimes peaceful, sometimes not, and so much out of routine with new things in the house to play with. Have a wonderful end of 2016 and beginning of 2017!

  2. I love that you've been doing a lot of reading and playing. That's what we've been doing here too. Also, aren't snap circuits the best? My kids love them.

  3. The wonderful mix of it all sounds wonderful. I'm so glad your back is getting better!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week. Well done to Rose Red for the Spanish result - a great achievement. The picture of Mister Man with the Snap Circuits made me smile. It doesn't seem that long ago my guy was happily playing with the set he got - but he's 19 now so it must have been a few years ago.

  5. I'm glad to see your Snap Circuits getting use. Ours are gathering dust. Maybe I should pass them down to Hannah and see if she's ready for them yet.

    The magnatiles, on the other hand, see constant play around here!

  6. So glad your back is healing!
    Looks like a great, creative week.
    My Lily is reading A Bear Called Paddington.


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