A Week, Briefly (Sick Week)

We had copious amounts of vomit, snot, and fevers. 

So we didn't have school.

Here are some of the things we did do . . . in the order I found them on the camera.

Baymax tried to eat a green marker.

Super Star took a picture of the early morning mist on the soccer field.

She also took a picture of our cat killing a mouse.

We slept off our illnesses.

We had a break in the vomiting just long enough to go on a field trip with our homeschool group (scheduled 2 months ago) to a local urban farm--13.5 acres in the city that were formerly vacant and now produce well over $50K of organic food per year.

We all helped plant a row of garlic for next spring.

The farmers are a couple with a preschooler.  They're building their own off-the-grid home.  It's really cool!  If you look closely you can see Rose Red, Pixie, and Little Sister reflected in the door as Rose Red takes the picture.

We painted with red and blue.

We saw wild turkeys marching up the hill out of our back yard.

We painted with yellow and red.

The first times we worked with just one or two colors, the kids kind of wiped the colors across the page and gave up.  Now, though, they're taking lots of time to experiment with the paints and colors.  I love seeing them get interested in what they're doing.

We did fancy hair and watched Studio C--this was a treat for me because I was allowed to nap for an hour while this happened!!!!!
We also watched half a dozen TED talks--the kids' favorite was about math; mine was about puppetry.

We read aloud together.

Pixie made a book of some of her best photos to show off at YW in Excellence next week.

We did a lot of laundry.

I took Nature Angel to the dermatologist and found out that she has an auto-immune disorder which causes her body to attack her hair follicles.  7 steroid shots were administered, and, if all goes well, will allow her hair to grow back.  It might be a one shot deal, a recurring problem, or a sign of future auto-immune problems.  We don't know.

I'm hoping for a one shot deal.

(Pixie pointed out that I made Nature Angel sound bald.  In reality she has a bald patch 4 cm in diameter on the left side of her head--which makes it extremely hard to do her hair.)

We ate popsicles, saltine crackers, and 7Up.

Now I'm fighting mastitis.  I just administered my first dose of my tried-and-true home remedy against mastitis--2 oz of apple cider vinegar taken internally.  Two more doses--one tonight and one tomorrow morning should set me right again!

We're ready for a new week--a healthy one!!!!


  1. Praying you all get well and that mastitis goes away soon!

  2. Just the word mastitis makes me cringe!! Praying you all are well soon!

  3. I just can't even tell you how much I love the pictures!--they tell such wonderful stories in and of themselves... Cracks me up that the kids grouped six at a time (that's a LOT of kids!) only represent HALF of what you have... Awesome fore-and-aft baby pack, cool chickens, and GORGEOUS hair-do! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hope y'all feel better. I'm sick, too, but luckily my munchkin has not caught it

  5. Their painting keeps me coming back to this post. Love it.. Hope you all feel better. Getting sick makes everything hard.


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